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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by BiteMyLine, Jun 19, 2007.

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    I've been thinking about investing in a new spinning reel for surf casting at the Meldahl Dam. I've been looking at the Diawa Emcast Sport Spinning reel on bps for 60$. The reel I currently have is an ancient Fujita nearly 30 years old with a levelwind system and just takes too much time while fishing to keep it running smooth, plus the bail engages during the cast sometimes and has cost me a few lures already not to mention line, also the annyoing clicking all day is enough to drive me crazy plus the people around. Anybody who has one of these reels and would like to share some feedback I would be greatly appreciative. Also what size should I be looking at and what kind of line does anybody recomend for this setup. I will be putting it on a 10' Diawa Beefstick throwing 2-3oz jigs and want to have it ready by two weeks when I'll be heading down for some surf casting.
  2. I'm not sure how big the spool is on the Emcast sport. The bigger the spool, the better off you'll be. For $20 more you may be better off with the Emcast Plus Big-Water reel. As far as size goes, I usually get the biggest model so I can get the widest spool. I am using the Diawa Emblem Pro and love it. Haven't had a single bail trip accidently on me in 2 years. It's a little more costly than the Emcast though. As far as line, most of us down there use 20-30lb Power Pro. Hope this helps.