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  1. hey guys im opening up in the old hookers building if you are familar with it.hope to see some of you guys .if you are out in the area stop by and if any of you muskie fisherman could help me out im looking to stock some muskie stuff and i dont have a real good idea what is hot .i will have all my hand poured softplastic baits that i make and also should have a good selection of hand poured baits .. and have a good selection of live baits shooting for april. we will also be carrying archery .well hope to see some of you soon ,, scott
  2. BassBait - What's the stores location? Is it on the outskirts of Ravenna?

  3. it is on 4039 st route 14 it is about a half mile south of 76on the west side of the road just after the intersection of rt 18 we should have a number within the next week or so i will post it when we get it
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    Whats the opening date?
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    I go by there every time I fish Westbranch, I'll have to stop in to say hello.
    A few suggestions for muskie gear:
    Grandmas, Jakes, Depth Raiders, Bucktails (Mepps, single and double hooks), large spinnerbaits like the Bucher Slopmaster.
    Heavy braided line 40-80lb, leaders (single strand and braided, flourocarbon too if you can get them)
  6. hey thanks triton yeah stop by somtime i will buy ya a cup of coffee or a soada lol it will be great just to meet a few good people to chat with and thanks alot for the help and we are shooting for mid march keeping our fingers crossed but i should be there cleaning things up and working most evenings after work till then . im going to start pouring my soft plastics down there see ya soon scott
  7. Bassbait...I'm sure you will do good there...I stopped.. when that joker that owned hookers had it...Never bought anything there if I had been treated like a customer I would have...They were a BassPro dist. wanted to order an extension handle net..Told me it could be from one week to three months before they could order..Place always had a dead fish smell I don't think they took care of there minnow tanks...Never went back...Customer Service is no.1.......Jim....:)
  8. I agree on the customer service. I sat waiting for them to open many times. I am sure I will be stopping in. For the musky baits, I would agree with triton. You may want to include some new style bagleys monster shads, some mania tackle little ernie's and maybe a few jerk baits (sledge, bulldawg, burt's, etc.) Good luck, the location is right for a good business.
  9. bassbait you are going to get a lot of suggestions...Sure a lot of OGF Members will be over to see you...Just reminded me West Branch was closed one day had a note on the door.if I remember they had a death in the family.....Drove over to Hookers there in Edinburgh waited for them to open just too find out they had no minnows....If nothing else they knew how to chase people away....Good Luck.....Jim.....
  10. well i agree with you guys i went there and tried to get 6 lb test and couldnt i know it isnt going to be easy but im gonna try my best it may take a lil time but it will get there and i will always remember what customer service is about i might not have everything everyone needs at first but we will do what we can .... thanks and like i said before im open to new ideas im going to try to put and few small bar stools in there just for people who want to drop by for a cup of coffee store isnt very big but we will make room
  11. The little things like live minnows. LOL I fish west branch and berlin ALOOOOT. The hardest thing to find when its not fair weather fishin is live bait. The other problem is finding someone open early enough.Stopped in there throughout the summer of 08. Were you running it then? Do'nt forget the walleye gear.
  12. well we are going to have live baits thats a must lol oh yeah and good coffee i cant promise at the start we will have everything people want but i can promise the coffee will always be on lol and no i wasnt running it then i had all my tackle that i make in there .and i know what you mean about being open early we are going to try to have early and late hours i will keeps you guys posted as we get closer to opening up the store like i said we just got the building this monday so we got alot to do in a lil time but we will make it lol ,,,,,,
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    IT would be great if you could be open during the Winter also for us ice fishermen ! Get in a good supply of Vibees, and other jigging lures along with monnows.
  14. bassbait...You know the old saying ...( you have to crawl before you can walk)...So we all should stop and give thought that You will not have everything that we may need ...when you first open up..That is just common sence...I'll drop by one of these days....Good Luck.......Jim.....:)
  15. I was gonna stop in and get some minnows but i rembered u said your not open till next month. I'm ready to start buying stuff. Different season bites different lures and baits for each. If its a hot lure or bait keep it stocked and you'll keep'em happy. The walleye spawn is coming you'll see business pick up. I'll be seein ya for sure. Your right there off the highway weather i'm going to w.b. or berlin.
  16. bassbait....How is that store comming..It is mid March...are you about ready to open up...Please post when you are open......Jim.....
  17. hey jim it is comming along pretty good things have been busy just got married last weekend spent the honey moon working down there lol . i think it will turn out pretty good . should be open no later than april 1st we are shooting for the 28t . i will post the number and the hours as we get closer .i hope that all that have stopped in over the last few years will be pleasantly surprised ! and as always open for ideas
  18. bassbait...Congrads. to you and the new bride..Best wishes and many ..many happy years together...I'll try to get over to the new store as soon as possible....Now that you have a good women behind you I'm sure the store will be a big success...Spent your honey-moon at the store...WOW ..she is behind you all the way....Again Congrads and many years of happiness together.......JIM......:)....;)....:)....;)....
  19. lol thanks jim yeAH she is a great woman she has the hunting and fishing bug as bad as most guys i know lol but none the less thanks hope to see ya soon scott
  20. How much longer Scott? i eager to come visit and see what changes you did make and buy some tackle! i am gonna try and hit milton spillway tomarrow sometime or maybe one of the causeways out that way. i will stop and see if your there! ~Evin~