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New steelhead fisherman!

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by Brehm Boy, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. I was hopein someone could help me out. I've never been steelheadin. Ive caught afew salmon fishin up in michigan. Me and my cousin were planning on headin up to the rocky river this spring. I don't know much about the river or where to fish. I was thinking about bringin up the john boat but I dont know how safe it would be or where to put in at. Thanks for any thoughts!
  2. Most people wade or fish from shore. Some people do troll the mouths of the rivers and do well. Check out for a lot of helpful info.


  3. devildog

    devildog hardcore fisherman

    the only place to put in a boat on the rocky is the marina. the rocky is mostly shallow with some deep holes but for the most part you'd be wasting your time with a boat unless you plan on fishing near the mouth. You'd be better off getting yourself a good pair of insulated waders. Good luck this spring