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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by NORTHCOASTBASSER, May 13, 2004.

  1. Its time for me to purchase a new deep cycle battery for my 17' tracker. I was hoping someone out there can offer advice or an opinion on the new spring coil batteries. The are alot more expensive then the regular kind, but I seem to be replacing mine every 2 years, and am always concerned when I go to the electric motors only waters that I wont make it back to the ramp with what little power I have left after a days fishing.. Any thoughts out there?? I run a motorguide bow mounted troling motor with 40 lbs thrust on a 12v system.
    Thanks for the help in advance,
  2. Hooch

    Hooch Fare Thee Well!

    I use the Optima Blue Top. It's a deep cycle battery and will run almost twice as long as standard deep cycle batteries. Yes they are expensive, but worth it because of the extra run time and confidence that you're going to make it back to the dock. They are even lighter than standard batteries. I don't use an onboard charger, so I take mine into the house everytime to recharge, so I really appreciate the weight difference. -Hooch-

  3. I just purchased 2 Trolling motor batteries. I talked with about 10 different people that use Dual Pro batteries and Neil at Dual Pro. My findings are that the company is 1st class and if you have ANY problems Neil will take care of you. They are also the strongest AGM(Glass Mat) batteries I found on the market in their category.
    The end result of my findings was I bought Dual Pro 2700 AGM Battery. I bought 2 for my 24volt system. , I actually talked to Neil and if you call him and tell him you don't have any local dealers he'll send them to you about 30 bucks cheaper than you can get them online or at local marina. AGM Batteries aren't cheap but they are no maintenance, charge up faster, hold their charge longer than a standard wet cell, more vibration resistant, and longer life over years.