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new spinning reel for spring

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by paco, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. paco


    i'm looking for opinions here . for the last 7 years my main reel has been a shimano spirex 2000 rear drag . now its the drag isn't working right and the bail doesn't close all the time . i'm thinking about getting a shimano symetre 1500 , 2500 rear drag . what is your opinion on these reels or what other reel would suggest ?
  2. sowbelly101

    sowbelly101 Keep'n It Reel

    i bought one ( symetre 2500) this winter and i am impressed with it so far. if you look at the specs on them they have the same number of ball bearings as the stradics, 4+1. have 6 sahara's that are probally 5-6 years old and they are still workin good, just thought i would try something different.

  3. Corey

    Corey OGF Team-Charter Member

    I've used the Symetres for a number of years now and have great confidence in them. I favored the 2000 size but I went with the new 2500 when they brought it out and like it very much. Since most of my use was tournament related I went with the front drag models, and although I have owned and used rear drag models with success, remember that, inherently, mechanically a rear drag system isn't as strong or dependable as a front drag . The rear drag does make adjustments easy while fighting fish though.
  4. Mr.Bass.

    Mr.Bass. Banned

    The Symetre is a great reel. Get a front drag reel. They are better. What species of fish would you be fishing for with this reel? If it was me I would get the 2500 series.
  5. hard to go wrong with a shimmano in 2000 or 2500 size. The spirex is a decent reel, symetre is a little nicer. I've done both front and rear drag shimmanos and see the front drag as a little lighter and the rear more accesible when fighting fish that are screaming drag. I've never had either drags fail on me when fighting salmon/steelhead.

    I'd stick with the 2000 size and get a symetre that way you can use the spools.

  6. Not so sure the Sym and Spr spools will interchange. :confused: I have Sahara and Sym and the spools are not interchangeable. There are slight differences in internal height dimensions that do not allow for correct line spooling on the retrieve. Line accumulates at the front of the spool in my case.
    Shimano is good but I sure would consider the Quantum with magnetic bail trip and front drag. I set my drag so it just slips momentarily on the hookset and if it is a tad light for a heavy fish run, I simply apply a bit of pressure to the spool with my finger. I don't have problems with fish breaking my line due to a tight drag that changes with the angle of the rod. Above all, purchase what you like best as the price range you are looking at will give you a quality reel from about any manufacture. :)
  7. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    Symetres are good reels but stay with the front drag.
    the rear drag models reley on a spring for tension on the
    drag washers and its one crude spring. if you overtighten
    that spring once thats it, get a new one.
  8. I would get a Shimano Ultegra, its the Japanese version of the Symetre but comes with a better frame,spool, handle,etc.. and its lighter. You can get them on Ebay.or
  9. i'm glad you asked about the symetre,because i just got a 2000 front drag but have not got a chance to use it. sounds like everyone likes them.i think reels are like cars to alot of people some guys are ford some guys are chevy. my theory is shimano spinning reels have been put through the ringer by me with no complaints . good luck and let us know which way you go
  10. paco


    Mr.Bass i will be using it for walleye pitching everything from shadraps to drifting jigs about the only thing i won't do is troll with it .

    smallieguy i will have to check the spring on my old reel . couple of weeks ago i snaged a big catfish at the ohio river and must have overtighten it then . ever since then it slips to much .

    guess i will have to go see how they feel in my hand to figure out what size to get .i got a sedona 500 last year and loved the super stopper deal on it miss alot less fish when setting the hook . thanks for all your input . i trust you guys that fish alot more than the guy at the counter tring to sell it .
  11. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    leadfoot is right on the money(thought i was the only one that used the Japanese Ultegra 2000 is SWEET and has landed me MANY big smallmouth bass from rivers(like the Ohio) and local streams.

    If not, go with a Stradic 2000FG and get it over I have them too and you can not beat them...i would put my $200 Daiwa Emblem Z's up against my stradic's anytime.

  12. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    I just purchased yesterday 2 magnesium framed Stratic's at Cabela's , for 99.00 each. That's $40 off the normal price and $20 less than the standard Stradic, and they give you 2 spools of PowerPro free.

    I have always had very good success with Shimano reels. I've strayed to other brands over the years, but always come back to Shimano.

  13. bones

    bones blah-blah-blah

    i have been using the st.croix avid series(heard that they were made by diawa).i like this better than all the shimanos i have.never could pony up the cash for stratic. i must check out cabela's.have a buddy that has the new rapala reel.has anyone heard anything about them yet?he seems very happy with it.
  14. paco


    well after all this time i got a reel . went with the symetre 1500fi . the reel just felt better in my hand and on the rod . i also got a st.croix as70mf rod to go with the reel . now to spool up some line and try it out . thanks for all the input .
  15. sowbelly101

    sowbelly101 Keep'n It Reel

    your gonna love that combo, got one similar to it!!!!