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  1. Alright so this should definitely be in the out of state forum but the NW Ohio forum was my home since the site first started so I thought I'd post here. I moved out to the east coast about a year ago and only did one day of freshwater fishing all last year to add a pickerel to my list..which I did, but today I FINALLY had an opportunity to target the awesome New Hampshire trout fishery (it's tough to pull yourself away from the surf, but the stripers and blues aren't up here yet.)

    I hit a small stream to try after some winter holdover browns, salmon, and brookies and finally hooked into a couple decent browns adding it to my species list. Perfect spring day in a crystal clear river. Later in the day I grabbed my yak and hit a small pond and managed some decent largemouth and a very nice pickerel, but forgot to grab the camera.

    Hopefully I can add a brookie and some salmon to my list this spring before I switch back over to saltwater. I've been going crazy seeing all the walleye run posts the last few weeks and knowing that I can't fish anywhere. We just had ice out a couple of weeks ago and the rain and cold has kept everything unfishable until this weekend.



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    Good looking Browns, gratz man!

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    Didn't take them long to move it ;)
    Nice Fish N Pics
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    No kidding. Hey, nice fish Mojo.:) Glad to see you're catching something out there.;)