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new southwest ohio fisherman help!!

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by johnnylittletruck, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Raised in ky as a largemouth, crappie lake fisherman, I have quickly learned i am out of my element trying to fish the little miami/ todds fork area for smallies. I need to learn alot about fishing moving water. Can anyone give me the best way to start as far as what tackle, bait, technique goes. I know there is alot of info that could include but somebody get me started. Have been told that along the bike path good smallie fishing exists, especially near the old bridge in oregonia. will check this post often. thanks you guys are great. jt
  2. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    As far as lures go you may want to try the "pins minnow". Its a small crankbait/jerkbait. I have done well with this lure for smallmouth in the past.

  3. Freeze

    Freeze Cisco Kid

    Hey - welcome to some of the most fished waters in the country :) White maribu jigs behind anything that breaks the current ,rocks etc - and anywhere a creek enters the river. Good luck!!!!
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    Welcome to the board, whatever you do, dont ask Catking for advise ;) :D
  5. For stream smallies, my first choice is always a tube in pumpkin seed on whatever type of jig head you've got. The weight of the head varies depending on depth and speed of the water you're fishing. Try to use a weight just heavy enough to keep the tube from being washed away with the current. You want to tube to fall fairly slowly but fall relatively straight. Finding the correct weight can be a pain and you'll have to keep adjusting weight as the current changes but it'll help you catch more fish. On the retrieve just mimic a crawdad. My second choice for smallies is usually a smallish floating rapala (shad or firetiger). I'll use that in slower water areas and can often get good hits using it as a top-water lure when the fish are really active. Another good bait for streams are Rebel minicraw crankbaits. Those'll catch whatever is swimming in most any stream. The final lure I carry in my stream pack are plain old twister tails in white and I use the same jigheads as for the tubes.

    As far as area's to target: cast to any area where there is a change in the current from the surrounding water. Areas at the end of fast current are particularly good, smallies and rock bass will stack up there waiting for food to drift by. Also, look for isolated rockpiles, areas where the bottom substrate changes, and under-cut banks. These are the type of things that hold fish in a stream.
    In terms of more general areas to fish, check out a map of the river and look for sharp bends in the river, oxbows, or areas where feeder streams connect with the main river channel. These are usually good places to get started from.
    One old and true saying about stream fishing is 90% of the fish will be in 10% of the water. Once you find a good spot you're fishing will be much more enjoyable but it'll take some leg work. Also, once you learn to read one river for good smallie habitate, you'll be able to quickly adapt to any stream.

    For tackle any light to medium spinning combo should get the job done. I'm usually a super-braided line guy but when fishing rivers I use a mono or fluorocarbon leader. Braids stink when it comes to abrasion resistance, which is trouble in rocky streams. My final advice is to travel as light as you can...the good spots always seem to require a walk :)

  6. Alter,

    Thanks for sharing the info. As a rookie, (or an someone who just doesn't catch many fish :D ), I appreciate the info.

    On a bend in the river, typically the backside of the bend is a steep bank, do you fish the shallow side? If you are wading, it seems like it is usually impossible to get to the back side of the bend since it is usually the deepest. However, it seems like the undercut banks always hold more fish.

    Just curious. Thanks.

    Catslammer out.
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    99% of the smallies I get are on shallow running crank baits fished in the rough waters , allowing them to float over the calmer pools by the rough waters.............Welcome ot the OGF !!!! and stay away from flathunter ;) he's trouble.............. :D ....THE CATKING !!!
  8. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Johny the fishing down here is plain awful. At least for me is. I recently relocated from SE Ohio (which in my opinion is one of the greatest areas in Ohio for fishing). Down here it's hard to come accross anything.

    I've honestly not had a single good day fishing for anything. Minus farm ponds of course. The best day fishing I've had down here was maybe 4 or 5 carp in a few hour span at East Fork. Yes I was fishing for carp :D But, man, they were awful small. If you figure anything out about any specie down here, let me be the first to be notified :D
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    Welcome littletruck.I'm giving away my secret weapon for smallies in the streams.I't hard to discribe.You know what a beetle spin is,it's like that.I buy the blades at bass pro.They come in three sizes,,large.My favorite size is the med blade.This is the hard part,I'd almost have to show you one.I get some curley tail's from bass pro that are a smoke color.What is different about them is the size.Most come in 1in and 2in.These are more like 2 1/4 to 2 1/2.Bass pro is the only place i can find this curly tail.It's an oddball.But smallies in the stream love it.The blades i get are gold.Won't use any other color with this lure.My buddy use to wade with me and use different lures.After always outfishing him he started using it.and now it's a main bait for the both of us.We always catch fish with this,when the fishing is hard and there not hitting on any thing else.I won't go to the creek without it and use it with good sucess in the lakes also.Like i said ,the trick is the curly tail.I don't know what the difference is but this one color and size out performes all other sizes and colors weve tried.And in southwest ohio we have some GREAT streams to fish.This place can help a lot,it's helped me a lot.Don't be shy on asking questions.Check the archives for info.Good luck
  10. Sure do appreciate all the advice. I will update all on my success with techniques soon. Fishman, why so negative brother? Sounds like you need to get together with some of these other guys. Though I doubt you'd get many takers for carp fishing. Your the first person in 38 years I've ever heard of who was "trying to catch" a carp. I'm not even sure that even counts as a fish. Thanks again all. jt
  11. If you just want to catch fish and do not mind using live bait, the best stream bait is live hellgramites. The drawback is you might catch a brightly colored sunfish or a big ugly carp insteadof a smallie. If you want to focus on smallies and rock bass I would suggest spider grub in watermelon or pumpkinseed. Type and size of jig depends on water depth an speed. My experience is mostly on east fork little miami, in water that can be waded across . Catch and release forever .steve
  12. Easy on the carp comments, littletruck. You obviously haven't had a big carp on light tackle get your heart racing. Do a search of the forums and archives on this site for carp, you just might change your mind. ;)
  13. Floater

    Floater Floatin' on by

    What's spider grub? Is that a brand or a certain kind of grub?
  14. traphunter

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    Not real easy to describe here but its sort of like a twister tail that has little apendages that hang off of it. It is usually fished on a jig head.
  15. smallfish is right, there is with out a doubt, nothing better to catch Smallies quicker than the old Hellgrammite, I will promise that you catch some Smallies on Hellgrammites. Make sure you go buy a good sein, flip over rocks in todds fork, hold the net below the rocks, and you shouldnt have any problems catching them!!!
  16. I just fish for smallmouth in the northern stretch of the Great Miami.

    The Seasons.
    This matters. It determines what you use and where you find the fish. You can catch smallmouth all year long. Tubes, plastics, and slow moving bottom baits in the spring. Minnow baits and inline spinners in the summer/fall. Crawfish imitators all year long.

    Changes in depths, edys, current lines/breaks, rocks. Learn your river. Remember what you see. Read the water. It tells you everything. Remember that in the summer when the water heats up the fish will need to be close to oxygen rich water. Find moving water. The fish will stack up along the current breaks duing times of the day.

    Inline spinners work great for beginners. You can cover a lot of ground. Fan cast the area, cast the structure, move on. Cover ground, find the fish then work that area hard. Once you fidn the fish you can change your presentation to go after any larger fish in the area.You should be able to cover an easy mile or so in an evening or morning. Yozuri Pins Minnows are a great shallow river crankbait. Live bait under a float or on a jig will definately work. You can wade and still fish with live bait. While you are in the river pay attention to what you see in the water. Do you see schools of minnows? Do you see crawfish on the bottom? This is what the fish are feeding on. Match it.

    You have to be in the water. Working from the shore limits you to so little river. If you want to fish from the bank fish for carp or cats. ALWAYS work upstream.

    Light to medium spinning tackle. The lighter it is the more fun you will have. 6 to 1 gear ratio on your reel will help tremendously. Remember you are working upstream. The current is pushing your presentation back to you. You need to be able to keep up with the current.

    That's my two cents ..... my area of the river is faily shallow. 3 feet or less with deeper pools here and there. Perfect for wading. Perfect for smallmouth. Lots of structure, lots of current changes.

    Have fun, keep at it. You can't win everyday but persistence and experience on a body of water (lake or river) pays off serious rewards in the end.
  17. Way to go Cowboy. Now Hellgies will be on the endangered species. Just kidding. A guy I worked with gave me the same advice 10 years ago. It helped get my son hooked on fishing. Now that he is too old and too young to be my fishing partner I have had to learn how to catch them myself. It is not that hard. Would be glad to give advice on it to anyone thaat needs it . C&rR Forever. Steve
  18. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    The irony of this is I just marked on my map that that is a place is should check out sometime. I was just up there a few days ago on business :)
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    I would fish for carp any day over smallies, they grow much bigger, are more plentifull, and fight just as good..The Carp, a true gamefish!