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  1. Hello,
    I have a question and was wondering if anyone could give me ur opinion on this. I am going to be doing some Steelhead fishing next week in the vermilion river and i was thinking about rigging up this set up in mind. Here it is: Put a bobber at the very top of your line then like 24" down ill get a swival to add the leader to the main line and after that i add a blue and silver spoon at the end of the leader and put a spawn sacs on the end of the spoon on it's hooks. Do you think that would be a good idea or not? I'm just thinking of some other ways instead of the bobber and leader and hook with spawn sac way. This is my 2nd year fishing for steelhead and i haven't go one yet. Im 13 by the way if you didn't know! lol! But i love to fish! So yeah any other pointers would be great and ur opinion on that idea! Thanks for all your help and Merry Christmas and Good Luck Fishing!

  2. I'm not an expert and I've never caught any. I have the understanding however that the spoon triggers their more predatory instincts (think lake mode) and they hit spoons early and late in the season as they are willing to expel more energy to attack a bait fish(spoon). A spawn sack as I understand it is an available food source while in spawning mode (think river). Combining the two in my opinion will do one of the following. Result in an unnatural presentation as you stimulate the predatory instinct and the passive instinct at the same time. Or You are able to get more fish as you are stimulating both feeding instincts. Being that Steelhead are regarded as smart and easily spooked I'm going to guess that their is a reason you never heard of this method before. Its an interesting idea and original thought has provoked many new and better ideas in fishing over the years. My advice try it and try something else before you know it you may catch lots of steelhead with your very own method. Just keep fishing young one.

  3. Okay thanks so much for your help! I will give it a shot and if it doesn't work i will switch over to regular bobber and jig with a spawn sac. Good Luck and thanks for the help!

  4. I use a similar set up fly fishing except I made a fly with a small spinner and when I drift in med. speed drift it gets hammered 50 / 50 sometimes it promotes the fly above the spinner or the spinner itself get nailed. I would imagine that a large spoon would be difficult drifting with a bobber, try using the smallest little cleo.
  5. I have seen a guy using a set up like you talk about and it didnt work. I didnt think it would. If i were you i would stick with spawn sacs on a small hook (size 10 or 12) with a float and a few split shots in between. If that doesnt work try a jig and maggots under a float. Or if you really want to use a spoon just tie a small swivel on and clip the spoon on and cast/retrieve it. Good luck and stay safe!!
  6. Try everything, Steelhead fishing is a crap shoot, there are tried and true methods, jig and maggot, eggs, spoons, spinners, you name it and its probably been tried.
    When I first started out. I tried to soak up as much info as I could while wadin the rivers and observing what everyone else was doing, and even had a couple guys give me some great pointers, but not everyone is going to be helpful.
    It really opened my eyes when I walked up on an father/son, the kid was about 10, team fishin the Rocky, they had a stringer of steelhead, at least 8, I let them know about the limit and they really had no idea. Good sports, immediately released 6 of the most lively.
    Turns out neither had fished for steelhead before. I stuck around to see what the kid had on the end of his line as he landed another steel head. It looked like a turd. He had maggots with a night crawler and a minnow on, all bunched up on a huge bass hook.
    Seemed to work for them, must have been a really good spot.
  7. when steelhead are in the stream they will eat but its not their primary goal, however if some bugs keep drifting by their heads they will eat them. go small, the two biggest food sources for steelies in the winter would be small black stoneflies, and small green caddisfly larva. so keep the bait small(if conditions allow), and keep the drift natural, if the bait is mving sideways across the current the fish will not waste the energy (most of the time) and chase it down when in a minute or two a real bug will float by. wheather you spin or fly or pin fishing the key is a good drift. if you want to try an easier rig to drift, it will snag more, but put a small egg sack on a hook with two or three small split shot above it and no float, throw upstream and real to keep tension. if your snagging every cast less weight, if your never snagging more, if your line is going slack real faster, if your ticking the bottom fish on. I to say things like this but stick the normal rigs, they are used because they work, you just have to get good at using them.
  8. I wouldn't bother with the spoon under a float. Stick with just a plain hook (size 8 - 12) for the egg sac. Make sure you keep it close to the bottom when you are drifting.

    Good luck.
  9. OhioFlyer

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    Grab your spinning rod and go into your garage. Set it down somewhere safe and wait until Smallmouth are bitting again.:mad: In the meantime go to gander or cabelas and buy a flyrod.:D This alone with practice will improve your hookup rate by 50% or more with practice.:B

    It was the best move I made 10 years ago (I was 15) and I haven't looked back since. Good luck grasshopper and get on the river as offten as possible so you don't have to spend the last hour of work wishing you were on the river like ME.

    I need to win the lottery.

    Good luck and God speed.
  10. Here I have an article about that on this website. this website is great i always use it.(btw this is my 2nd year without anything and i'm 13 too! What a coincidence!!!
  11. Try a flatfish and you'll be surprised. Just cast downstream and have enough weight to keep it on the bottom and slowly reel in.
  12. drifting a spawn sack is the MOST effective way to fish. if u have fresh eggs and if u tie them ur self, theres not better presintation. im 15 btw and its awsome to see some other guys around my age fishing. PM me