New Sega Bass Fishing game for the Wii

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  1. I think I finally found the cure for the winter time blues! Put down the shovel and buy a copy of the new Sega Bass Fishing game for the Nintendo Wii. (I got mine Friday before the "Blizzard of 08") This game rocks! You select the locations, the lures, everything. Very realistic play action. Two thumbs up!
  2. Yea, I have it too. The game is really cool. It's pretty addicting.

  3. Perchy101

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    I"m just waiting to find the Wii

    Thats the 1st step.
  4. have any idea what the bass fishing game costs?
  5. DaleM

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    K-Mart on Bethal and the Circut City stores in Columbus had them a few days ago.
  6. Best buy had them for $29.99 today.

    I bought the Rapala version! Its a lot of fun! It has more fish than the sega one, thats why I bought it.
  7. I actually pre-ordered mine on For all the gamers out there I recommend the service. Works just like NetFlix only for video games. (Netflix just bought them.) I figure for ten bucks a month I can play anything I want and not be stuck with one crappy game I bought for $50.
  8. Oh, I was thinking that the sega and the rapala ones were the same games. I have the Rapala one. Lots of fun.
  9. i seen that sega fishing game the other it better than the rapala one? id like to get one id just like to hear yalls input on it....i also seen a duck hunting game for the wii too...has anyone played that yet?
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    I have the Fishing Master one... it is kinda corny but still fun. Not a fishing simulation at all, but lots of interesting fish to catch. I'll have to look out for this new one.
  11. seethe303

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    the k mart doesn't have them anymore. I was going to pick one up, but to no avail.
  12. my son and I enjoyed a weekend on the Rapala game! It is a blast and pretty realistic. We started on easy and it was just that - then we moved up and the more advanced the setting the more fun (frustrating :D ) it was!

    Much like real life when you are on the last goal to get the next level and your line breaks as you run out of time....I said a bad word in front of my son! But it was fun.

    I'll have to check out the Sega version.
  13. The only things I don't like about the Rapala one are you have a very limited choice of lures, everything is crankbaits. I just won a jig on a tournament and I have yet to use it. But I'd like to throw some plastics into some cover but I can only use crankbaits.

    I also don't like the guy that talks to you! He keeps saying change this and change that... BUT I'm catching fish without changing...
  14. Yea! I know what you mean! That guy is annoying lol. Right after I catch a fish he will tell me that the fish dont like the lure.
  15. haha - my son asked me about that guy when he says to try a smaller lure size - but i'm going for weight to advance to the next stage, i told him i may not catch as many but i want them BIG! I hit the mute button!!!!