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  1. I’m in need of a new Musky rod. Thinking about getting an eight foot or longer stick, but not sure if it would fit my needs.
    The rod will be used with a 6600c4 or a Record RCN 60 with 65 or 80 power - pro.
    This rod & reel will be my 1.5 - 3oz spinnerbait/bucktail rig.

    Any ideas about rod action-- Fast, med-fast. Power X-hvy, hvy or m-hvy.

    Looking at a Shimano Compre at about $100, would like to spend about that amount for a rod, not sure I will like the longer rods.

    BTW I’m about 5’ 7” and 170 lbs If it makes any difference
  2. MuskieJim

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    An 7.5 or 8 footer works great for spinnerbaits. They also allow you to really get that figure eight up and down in the water column if a fish is following. I like St. Croix Premier PM76MHF. It's a great spinnerbait rod.

  3. i have the St. Croix premier and i love it. i would definitely recommend it, you can't really beat the quality of a st. croix.
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    interesting i have a couple 7.5 ft. rods i cast with and like alot. as jim says, the longer the rod the better for figure 8's..for sure. that being said i bought a 8 ft. lightning rod and it does not cast that well at all. i have used lightnin rods for a while and love em, but this one just seems to be too long for me...dont know why . i am 5'10 and same weight..?? i bought a st. croix once and returned it a week later. i hate the grips on those things ,they are way to fat for my hand. i use the med. hvy flippin sticks for castin and like em alot, plus they are cheap. eveyones different, it took me a while and a few rods to find what worked best,try to buy it locally so you can return/exchange if need be..
  5. I'm 5'9" and I use the 7.5 Pete Mania models. I cast a 7' more accurately, but the extra 6" is nice to figure 8 with.
  6. 5' 10" here and all I use are 7.5 and 8' rods.

    The St. Croix are very nice rods but a little more than the $100 you want to spend.

    If your close to BassPro check out the Maina rods. they are right around $100 and go up to 9' long. Gander Mountain has a Guide Series rod that is about the same money as the Maina. Both are well worth the price.
  7. Thanks for the info guys. I'll be working down in Dayton (I 70) in a week or so. I'll give the Gander Mtn. store a look see.
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    hey blue pike if you hit the gander store in huber heights you should talk to either tom deitz(store manager),he has a guide service and knows a thing or three about those toothy critters or talk to rick may who also fishes extensively for musky in the surrounding states and is a really nice guy--in the long run you cant go wrong with a st croix--remember, less rod weight means less casting fatigue in your wrist and elbow and keeps you in the game longer chuckin those 11/2-3oz. baits all day long--good luck
  9. If your going to Gander do as ramlund man says. Talk to Tom or Rick, both know what they are talking about. Tom usually has Thursday off.
  10. ramlund man

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    in a word........SSWWWWEEEEEEEEETTTTTTT!!!!!!---and at that price my wife just might end up with one for christmas:D :D :D :D :D --now if those ABU records go on sale;) ;) ;)