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New Rod/Reel Combo help needed.

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by itsbrad, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Well Ive been looking around at new rod/reel combos and want some honest opinons. I havent been fishing long and mainly fish for bass(although catch more panfish than anything). Here is my current el cheapo rod/reel combo.

    Altogether for a new fisherman not a bad combo in my opinion. Well now I want to upgrade what are some of you thoughts on going from a spincast to a baitcast, advantages and disadvantages. Also what items would you recommend?

  2. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    I've been fishing all of my life, and for some reason, I can't get the hang of the baitcasting reel. I stick to spinning reel outfits for casting.

    My favorite spinning outfit is a Shimano Stradic 2500 reel on an Ugly Stick 7' Lite rod (cork handle). I've used this outfit for the past couple of years casting for pike up in Canada, and it works extremely well. I've had and have all of the high dollar rods, and I always come back to the Ugly Stick for some reason. They cost about $37. The Shimano Stradic cost about $129. You could also get a Shimano Symetre for about $89.

  3. You Cant Go Wrong With Shimanos
  4. Hooch

    Hooch Fare Thee Well!

    In a nutshell, Spinning reels are good for casting lures and bait combo's between 1/32 - 5/8oz. Unless you get into surf and cat gear. Finess lures and drop shot rigs are best used on spinning gear. Baitcasters are better for lures and bait combo's 3/8 oz. and up. Baitcasters can't be beat for throwing spinnerbaits, the heavier crankbaits or for pitching jigs. It is harder to learn to cast a baitcaster, but once you "educate" your thumb, it will become second nature. Wind will always give you problems with a baitcaster when casting into it. Even the pro's get backlashes! -Hooch-
  5. I’ve caught some of my best fish while cleaning up a nasty backlash!

    If you want a do it all multi-species rod, I would go with spinning gear.

    If you want a “bass” rod, go with a baitcasting equipment in a power/action suited to the baits that you will be using.
  6. bronzebackyac

    bronzebackyac Crick Smallie Fisherman

    I would also reccomend the shimano spinning reels. That is all I will buy. I wore out three reels a few years ago after some harsh years on the creek and sent them back to shimano to get "tuneed up". A few weeks later they mailed me three new reels in the box. Now thats customer service. Why would I buy anything else.
    As for a rod You can't beat an ungly stick for durability, and I use them to this day. However, I like a graphite rod for sensitivity. Even the cheaper ones like the Berkley Lightning Rods are great all around poles. If I only had one combo to use it would be a Shimano Symetre reel with a 6ft Medium action graphite rod. If you are fishing for a bigger game fish just keep an extra spool of braided fireline in your tackle box and you can handle about anything.
  7. Well I broke down. I got a 6 ft medium action graphite Ugly Stik($27.00) and paired it up with a Shimano Symetre2500FI($79.00) with 14lb Fireline :) If my wife(on Sept 4th we get married) finds out how much I paid Im dead lol. Cant wait to use it this week when Im off all week to go fishing.
  8. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    You'll love it. Don't forget to put a wrap of electrical tape around the spool before you put the line on.
  9. Should I do this even if I backed it with 8lb mono?
  10. You won't need tape since you have backing on it.
  11. soua0363

    soua0363 Master of Nothing

    I recently bought a Abu Garcia 6000 Series baitcaster with a Abu Garcia 6'-6" medium heavy rod for about $100 together and it works great. The reel has continuous instant stop and has 3 bearings I think. Bought the setup from Wal-Mart. Reel cost $70 and the rod $30.
  12. Here is a pic of my new reel on the rod :)

  13. Slikster

    Slikster Shore Bound

    Gotta love the ugly sticks! They're all I use anymore for a multipurpose rod. In the future if you want to upgrade to a little lighter rod check out the Ugly Stick Lite rods. They use more graphite in the rods resulting in lighter weight and a smaller diameter blank.

    My multipurpose rig of choice is a 7ft Med action 2 piece Ugly Stick Lite spinning rod and a small Quantum Energy spinning reel with the 6lb equalivent diameter Fireline. I have caught everything from sunfish barely big enough to take a hook, to 20lb catfish with ease.