New River kayak camping trip?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by Rooster, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. I was able to do a little fishing on the New River a few weeks back. Not the size or numbers of smallies that I expected, but the scenery makes me want to go back for a REAL fishing trip. I’m looking to spend 3 nights on the river this Fall.

    Just looking at the map, I’m thinking about this:

    Put-in below Sandstone Falls (RM10)
    Spend night #1 at Glade Creek campground (RM20)
    Spend night #2 at Army Camp (RM29)
    Spend night #3 at Stone Cliff campground (RM41)
    Take-out at Sewell?

    I only see a few class III rapids in our way. Anyone know if they can be portaged?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I have never camped on this river, and only fished the pool below Sandstone Falls and McCrerry.
  2. Rooster, that sounds like a great trip. Be very careful of that stretch of river. I talked with a friend of mine that guides on it. I asked if the rapids can be portaged and he said that they can be but it is not easy on some of them. There are large boulders in a few that one must just go around because there is no way over or going around them on land. But if you are good in your yak then you will be ok. Just remember to look first, strap everything down, and keep your life vest on when trying any of those sections.

    In return one of his clients caught a 7 1/2 lb smallie on that section this year. Along with others catching nice ones over 5lb on almost every trip.