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    has anybody been to new river gorge in wv. Looking to go smallie fishing out of yak. trying to find somewhere within 4-5 hour drive any suggestions
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    The NEW River ROCKS!! My personal favorite smallie water, been 3 times but never out of a Yak. You may get some responses to help in the out of state forum......I cant help much except to tell you I have cought numerous over 20" on my 3 trips :)

  3. You won't want to fish the New River Gorge in a yak unless your capable of paddling class III-IV+ whitewater (depending on water levels). Plus, the fishing isn't nearly as good as it is in Virginia. I guided rafting trips (and a few fishing) on the New and Gauley for years. The gorge is very deep and not very easy to fish. However, stretches of the New in Virginia offer some great fishing. Drive the extra distance. It's more than worth it. However, you'll still want to be very adept at kayak fishing for smallmouth before attempting most of the stretches of the New that offer the best fishing. Have fun.