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New resevoir near Buckeye Lake

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CHOPIQ, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. I read in the Columbus dispatch today that they are looking into building a new 1000 acre resevoir just east of Kirkersville and north of Buckeye lake. Supposed to stop the flooding on I-70. It says no time frame has been set.
  2. Yesterday in the Lancaster paper there was an article about it. The article said the water conservation district is proposing a dry dam and a 3 mile long channel to divert water from flooding the area around Buckeye Lake Village and SR 79/I-70. From what I got out of the article, it did not appear that the dam would have a year round resevoir.

  3. Yeah, I saw the article in the Dispatch as well. I think it's meant to be a flood control lake much like the older MCWD lakes like Leesville and Piedmont.

    At a glance, I'm all for it. But you have to remember there will be pros and cons to it. Someone loses the land, which might not go over well. I know a lot of that area is farming and maybe we don't need as many farms these days, but it still might be someone's family farm of generations.

    But from a water perspective, think of California. I just heard on the news that even with all this snow and water that has created so much havoc this winter, they don't have the capacity to hold much of that runoff. There for, in summertime, they'll be right back to drought conditions because all of this water is just running off to the sea.