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Discussion in 'Bowfishing' started by CoolWater, Jun 29, 2007.

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  2. That is a very nice article on Brent. Congratulations Brent again on the record and all of your other achievements over the years.

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    Hey guys-I FINALLY registered on here!

    I was on GFO but not on here, even thought I have been lurking on and off for years.

    Anyways, thanks for all the kind words!

    Like the article says, it was a long time in the making. The window of opportunity is REALLY short for these fish-maybe a week tops every year. And then the water has to be at the right level, clear, and the fish have to be spawning. Over the last 10 yrs, I can think of only 2 or 3 that I've had perfect conditions.

    Now on top of that realize that suckers are SOFT fish-they might as well be made of butter. I bet I lost 20+ fish that would have beaten the old record. As soon as I'd shoot them, they would thrash and get off the arrow. Talk about frustration!

    But, the one that I finally did land was a speciman that was near the max size for the species, so I'm happy for that. Not much room for improvement but I'll promise you I'll still be out there looking! :D
  4. Welcome aboard Brent! I knew I hadn't seen anything from you on here in a long time but didn't realize that it was that long ago since you had been a member.:eek:
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    Brent, cool to see you on here again... there was a thread about your record fish also in the lounge forum (not sure who started the topic) - u may do a search there to find it - but I know many people were commenting on it with positive remarks.