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New pond

Discussion in 'Pond Management' started by bcraley76, May 30, 2017.

  1. Can anyone give me a budget number to work with for having a new pond dug? Any recommendations on pond builders in Delaware Co?
  2. Muddy


    I am pricing one out in Union County. I have 2 prices so far. Both were around $10,000 for a half acre. I had test holes dug 2 weeks ago. The costs depends somewhat on the contour of the land and soil type.
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  3. How big a pond, how much grading or hauling away the dirt, etc ?
    Have a rep from the county soil & water to your site & pick their brain.
  4. Muddy, who have you gotten quotes from?
  5. I'm thinking maybe 1/3 of an acre. It's a brand new home site... house not yet under construction. So I anticipate very little haul away.
  6. Muddy


    Bill Grilliot and Jason Goodwin. I talked to Robinson, he is supposed to get back to me in a year or so, so I gave up on that lead. I called several others who never returned my calls. Goodwin dug the test holes and seems more on the ball and on the same page as the SWCD.
  7. I had Matt Clem (Gradeworks) do mine. That was about 8 years ago. He is out of Cleveland area but came down to Delaware to do mine. I did a google search and his company came up with a facebook page, phone number is still the same.

    Delaware Soil and Water was useless for me. My pond was already here when i bought the land but it was leaking. They wouldn't even give me contractors, i had to call around on my own.

    If you want more info, send me a PM.
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