new pc never came with vista disk

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  1. Ok, i bought a new gateway last year at bestbuy and they tried to charge me 75 bucks for the vista cd. the wife didnt want to and i figured since I had a legit key, i would just download it. well long story short that never happened and now i need to reformat. i can only use my pc in safe mode or regular for 5 minutes. i was wondering if there was a way to get the vista home 32bit addition with out paying for another copy. feel free to pm me. im using my blackjack and its hard to check back on threads.
  2. If you didn't get the cd then your kinda outta luck even tho you have the cdkey. Best bet is to call microsoft or gateway. Even better, if you have someone who has the vista disks just use them.

  3. i bought a gateway a while back and it never came with a restore disk either.mine has a partition on the hard drive that you have to make your restore disk from.the problem with that is if you open the make disk program and dont make a disk then you are out of get one time opening the program and that is it.mine can be found on the start menu under system recovery.i bought the restore disk from gateway for $20
  4. Alot of the newer PCs come pre-partitioned, with a restore function stored on one of the partitions.

    I think if you search within your control panel, you can find a "system restore" function where you should have the option to restore you PC back to where it was the first day you brought it home.

    I have had to do this a few times due to kids getting viruses and malware that i couldn't get rid of.

    Only down side that I have found is reinstalling all of my other applications.

    Hope this helps.
  5. I forget the website I went to to find out about this but if you have bought a computer with windows and have the key for it , microsoft will send you a regular copy of windows for around 10$ . It has been years since I did this for windows 98 but seems like they should still do this. The whole deal is that when you buy the pre loaded computer, even with a restore disk, and have the key code, then you bought windows and are entitled to a windows installation disk so you can use it on another computer if you have one. I believe it came about because of a lawsuit of some type. If you dont have the key code for it though then you are out of luck. Should have come with the computer tho. If anybody knows more info on this please post it , I need to get a copy of xp but forgot the contact information.
  6. Sounds like hardware to me. If it works in safe mode (no network) but doesn't work in normal mode, check the network card/driver. Could also be something that is started in normal mode that the PC doesn't like.

    If it crashes/reboots during normal mode, it's normally bad memory. Starting in normal mode uses more resources and may start using memory on a defective module. I have a 'memtest' boot disk ready to first check memory at the DOS level before proceeding further. Takes a lot less time than a total clear and restore.
  7. This is the way they do it nowadays, if you want a hardcopy you have to request it with your order. The disk does not come with the computer anymore.

    You can purchase the disk afterwards for like 10-20 bucks.