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New Outboard Motors

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by hunt for bass, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Does anyone have any idea on the new direct injection outboard motors. How do they compare with carb or efi models with gas consumption and overall reliability. I will be in the market to replace my old '84 150 mariner this year and would like to know what everyone thinks of all the different outboards out their.
  2. Reel Lady

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    We just purchased a new boat and opted for the Evinrude E-tec. To be honest, I am just as excited about experiencing this new motor as I am for the new boat :D
    I will tell you that everyone (tournament fisherman, "just for fun" fisherman, boat dealers and mechanics)yes, everyone that I talked to recommended the E-tec over the Mercury, Yamaha, or the Verado.
    It really is an amazing machine. Here is the link to the Evinrude site so you could learn more.

  3. DI engines are all now at a point in their evolution that they are proven and reliable. Many though from all makers were problematic upon the introduction of the new technology (late 90's). At this day and age they are fuel efficient machines that are dependable and more environmentally kind. I have driven a 200"ruderam" for 3 years - zero probs with engine. I'll give you a great deal Hunt for bass! :

    The new e-tec's are raved about with their new features - no breakin, no dealer service (including plugs/fluids for 300 hrs!) and a quick storage feature that eliminates hassels of winterizing. They also can be run harder and becoming known for their speed. BUT they- as their early counterpart fichts, are not time proven as this particular type DI tech is so new.

    This year though will be the first boat I have ever owned without an OMC/Bombardier outboard.

    I made the decision to go with Mercury Optimax because of their now proven reliability and postion in the market in the recent past years. As well - they are top performance outboards and a 5year nondeclining full warranty!!!

    When the longtime loyal OMC went upside down without notice, many of their dealers went under not being able to make up for the mess. Leaving, even to this day, fewer service areas as a result.

    The Bombardier Co. remains very questionable with their position on their marine outboards of exactly where, how and when Evinrude will be in the immediate future and especially in the next few years. Even if they will remain with Bombardier.

    When OMC was gone - so too were warranties once Bombardier took over. Very similar could occurr again and many signs point in the wrong direction for the consumer. 7year warranties are great - if they are honored.

    If the etechs stand for everything they claim though - this is revolutionizing stuff going on in outboards.

    DI's in the market are - Fichts/E-tec (rude) , HPDI Yamaha, and Optimax Mercury. here are some links to get a full picture:

    Be a good shopper and investigate the differences!

    Gas econ at mid and low RPM's on any of these engines are AWESOME 30-70% compared to a carbed engine of same HP.

  4. I am going into my third season with a new 70hp Johson 4-stroke. Fuel is no longer a cost to be considered in operating....that's how efficient it is.

    It has a 3 year warranty. I am using that warranty right now because a squeak developed in the second season. Johnson documented that squeak in their records and told me to keep on operating and if anything ever went wrong they would cover it. I followed up this winter and took it in to an authorized dealer here in Dayton for a thorough look two weeks ago. Todd's marine removed the lower unit and found that the water pump was squeaking.... nothing wrong...just squeaking. So, Johnson is paying for the replacment for every single part in the water pump system and will inspect the returned parts. At this point, the real cause for the squeak is not understood - but I know I bought the right company based on what is going on.
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    Just another note on the Evinrude E tech motor. Nip is right this is new technology that will need to be field tested but Evinrude did put this motor through a battery of tests before marketing it. Evinrude feels comfortable with the E techs performance and we actually have a 7-year warranty with ours. I'm not a bit worried about how it will hold up.
  6. I got my boat back today. I went with A 150 98 evinrude fitch. Picked it up this afternoon. Dropped it in the river and went for a boat ride. I love it so far. It replaced my 150 85 mariner. It is so quiet. I'm headed for lake murray in SC next week. I will put it to the test next week.
  7. Orlando

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    If I were in the market for a outboard it would be a EFI . I am aquainted with alot of fisherman that had nothing but trouble with the Evinrude Ficht motor. Multiple piston sizures , excessive carbon on the rings. Evinrude didn't do enough testing on the motors and in my opinion just wanted to be trhe first to get the new techknowlegy out there. To my failures and Evinrude went bankrupt. Let alot of dealers holding the bag after they had completed warrenty repairs and no company tp pay the claims. For that reason I personally would never by a Evinrude product, no matter what the hype is over the new E-Tec. Iv'e watched the TV commecial and I really do think alot of it is bull. Read up on it in independant magazine reviews and it don't come out looking as sweet.They may be a OK engine but am I ready to be a guinea pig for them? It's your decision but a EFI Merc can't be beat in my opinion. Good luck
  8. I've heard they are having problems with Yamaha 225 and 250 HPDI's. I know of 4 different 250 HPDI's from a friend in South Carolina that have blown the #4 cylinder. Yamaha hasn't admitted they have a problem even and the dealership (happens to be same one) doesn't believe there at fault either. The dealership is Marshall's Marine and if your curious they may have info for you on details I do not know about. These were all on the 04 and 05 HPDI's.

    I know my 2002 225 Evinrude Ficht HO has been a great running, cheap and efficient engine so far. I'd buy another tomorrow if I were in the market.