New net suggestions?

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  1. I'm looking to stimulate the economy (not too much) and pick up a new net. Fish mainly inland lakes by boat for bass, walleye and occasional muskie. Any suggestions? Frabiil vs Beckman? What about net material? Anybody have the rubber nets and like them? Are any more durable or have to worry about sunrot?

    I am also probably getting a collaspible net for yakking.
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    beckman for sure....octagon or squared handle. I dont like the rubber nets, fish tend to "bounce" out of them.

    The beckman nets are hookproof to a certain degree

  3. Don't like the rubber nets not deep enough and they are too heavy.....Jim.....
  4. Check out the Stowmaster nets. They cost a little more, but the stowable design works exactly as described and they are very high quality, hence the lifetime warranty. Beckman & Frabill are also excellent choices.
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