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    since i have been off from work for a month now and will be for at least another month(shoulder injury) i have become bored stiff and needed a new project to get into.
    well i had been looking at several mushrooming sticks on e-bay but didn't really want to spend $30-$40 on i decided to try making my i headed back to the creek and found a fairly straight branck to use.i de-barked it one evening then let it dry for 4 i started the carving with the dremel tool and it wound up being a bit easier than i thought it would be.after the carving i finished sanded it the stained the top of the shroom a golden oak and the rest of it a red mahogany.i used a propane torch on the tip to blacken it an d make the wood stronger.
    i think it turned out pretty decent for my first try.
    i have a couple of other pieces(one oak and the other maple) that i'm going to make a couple of more with.

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    that's awesome mo.looks good enough to eat:D

  3. That looks a lot like mine. I use my walking stick as a morel decoy. When the real mushrooms see the decoy walking by, they stick they're heads up to see how it's moving. It makes them easier to spot...;)