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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mikeschmidt, May 6, 2008.

  1. Just wanted to say hey to everyone. I have been living in Ohio now for nearly 15 years and diehard fishnig it the whole time. I spend every night either tying flies or on the water chasing whatever swims...tonight it will be smallies ;) No real reason for having not joined previously, but have met many members on the water and they have always been helpful so I figured I would drop in and add this to the list of on line haunts. I hope I can add something to this community.

    edit...sorry, I did not see the section for new members until after this post

  2. Fishin' Coach

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    welcome, loads of good helpful people on this site.
  3. krustydawg

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    Welcome aboard Mike ! Can I have your autograph, you were one of my favorite ballplayers back in the day !:p
  4. jeffmo

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    welcome mike!
    krusty,you beat me to it!
    the curiosity was gonna bug me all day.
  5. If I were THAT Mike Schmidt I would be tying flies all day instead of just at night ;) Thanks for the welcome guys :)
  6. Hey Mike

    Always great to have a new member. WELCOME!!!
  7. ezbite

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    whats happening mike.:p
  8. Hey welcome aboard Mike. :B
  9. Gju42486

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    Mike- fair warning---watch out for this guy and DR Hymen :p :p :p im just kidding of course.......or am i ;)
  10. Hey Mike, welcome aboard!
    a few things for the masses, I have fished with Mike for many years and he is a heck of a good fly and spin fisherman, really knows his way around Central Ohio! ( Smallie streams, steelhead, Mad River) And the best part is he is a commercial fly tyer who ties most of my flies and they are TOP NOTCH!
    Im sure he will be a strong contributer in a lot of the forums!! A great addition to the site!

    Mike send me some free flies now....;)