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  1. Hey all. First off I wanna say that this forum is awesome. I have found tons of valuable information.

    I am thinking about heading down to Ohio river this Sunday for some catfish action. I have never fished it before. What are some of the popular spots for shore fishing. I would be driving from Columbus,OH

    Any info is greatly apprecaited
  2. I have found almost every place you can park near the river will be decent catfish action. I like looking for creek mouths and boat ramps. Usually there is parking near the boat ramp and some bank fishing near or around the ramp. (stay away from the boats of course)

    i ve fished in aberdeen all the way to the meldahl dam and found several community parking areas on the river.
    Trial and error has found me some good spots

  3. First off, Welcome aboard!! You may want to give Greenup Dam a shot. We've been getting some Cats while fishing for Hybrids with live skipjacks.IT,S A BIG RIVER SO JUST HEAD ON TO THE SOUTH!! Welcome again!!
  4. First of welcome, and hope you enjoy the attempt. I fish the Racine Hydro area and it was slow for catfish the past weekend- river was low and clear so things may be tough going.
    Most catfish are caught on live bait like shad, skipjack (cisco). worms and chicken liver. Also use a river rig for these, if you keep you bait on the bottom you may get more suckers than any thing else. Plan on many snags an lost sinkers and hooks.
    Expierence is the best way to learn on the River, and don't be afraid to ask the locals for some help, many are more than willing to help.
  5. First thing in order is to closely inspect maps of the river, or better yet, check out google maps for feeder creeks & rivers (mouths of tributaries). These are usually good dependable spots. And, you can never go wrong with fishing the tailwaters of any dam. Like Daveo said, the Greenup dam is hot (it's the only dam I fish, but I suspect they're all good.)
  6. Thanks a lot guys for all the info. Unfortunately I was unable to make it down there this weekend. Hopefully I will on the next one. I do have another question though. I've got a 14ft v-hull aluminum boat with 9.9hp outboard and electric motor (40lbs thrust).
    Is it safe to navigate th Ohio river on that kind of a boat?
    How fast is the current?
    Would electric motor keep the boat going against the current? (or I have to use the gas motor only)?
    Any other suggestions if i take the boat down there?

    Thanks a lot again.
    I love this forum
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    There are times when your electric motor would move the boat upstream,other times when your 9.9 would have a hard time moving you.If your boat is a long shaft outfit with a lot of freeboard it will handle the river most of the time.This time of the year about any boat can be used on the river if you watch out for barges.Be careful as the river can be a dangerous place.
  8. I have noticed that the bait is almost more important than the spot. Sometimes it's shad, cut bait, live bait, etc.. There are many different baits people use and I am no expert, so different people around the site chime in with the top baits that can be effective.