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  1. Hey all! Im a newbie! Referred to the site by TRUCKED! Im in the Columbus/Dublin area and love to fish to get away from the stressful work world. Never been lucky enough to have some of these huge game fish you all have caught, but i dont mind catching a few bass, crappie or bluegills when im out. action is action to me, but im looking to change that. Which is where OGF comes into play. I plan to learn alot, get active in the Columbus fishing community, and hopefully catch some big ones! I have tons of tackle, tons of lures, but still prefer to use live bait at this point. Cant wait to meet you all!
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    Welcome to OGF BigBassGuy. There are alot of great folks here with a ton of information. Enjoy your stay!

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  5. Welcome, there is alot of good info on here, many forums to choose from where you can indulge yourself in about anything, myself I like all the pics as I dont catch many myelf:)
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    out of all the ones im on this is the best!
  8. BBG. Hope to see ya soon out there. Someone please tell him about the tourneys at O'Shay, Griggs, Alum, Delaware please.

    Please post times and days/dates. I need them too again so I can try to take some of your money.:(
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    welcome. if you need info, this is the place to get it