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  1. Has anyone been to NEW Lyme Widlife Area Lately? Is the fishing any good there? What species and size have been caught? Thinkin about tryin tommorrow. Or maybe East Branch / Ladue
  2. A former coworker of mine has fished it as he told me a couple years ago. He said he would wade in from the ramp and use top waters. Smaller size bass if I remember correctly. He said it was fun. I've only driven to it and checked it out. Didn't reaaly fish it much. It got muddy away from the gravel ramp.

  3. wow i think this is one of the post about new lyme lake on this website.I only hit this lake a couple times out of the year. Its a VERY good channel catfish lake, there are many and they range from 16-20in. And the best way to catch them is by pulling chicken liver along the bottom. It has a bass population but there isnt many and they arent very big at all but if u put the effort in to it u can catch them mainly fishing it like u do a pond. It also has lots of good bluegill with the occasional perch and crappie. there is an electric only law and the bass must be 15in to keep. But its nice because ur usually the only one there and its perfect to take a picnic lunch and just enjoy nature!!!

    for more info go to prospects/d3 prospects/NEW LYME LAKE.pdf
    on that site is also a link for a map of the lake
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    heard scuttlebutt over the years that fish cannot be consumed from the lake. something to do with the mounds of waste next to the water. not sure if it is true. anyone know?
  5. ive never ate any fish from there mainly because there isnt much worth eating unless u like catfish but here is the link for the advisory. If u dont feel like reading it because its for the whole state, it says for new lyme lake eat the common carp only once a month. it says nothing but that so it should be safe.
  6. My Son and I went to the New Lyme area Sat. 06/14/08...spent about 4 hrs fishing.. caught 15 / 16 Bass and about 10 gills...bass were all about 13 / 14'' with a couple of 16"'s also...1 gill was really big! I could barely get my hands around him to remove the lure he inhaled, ( a baby zara spook 3/4's in his mouth) all fish were released'
    Maybe it was a "female",,, (usually the female species always have the bigger mouths) Just Kiddin! .....No pics of the fish, but I did remember to take some of the lake....also saw some HUGE fish, 30" length or more would be a good guess in about 4 / 6' depths... not carp, these had silvery white sides maybe channel cats?....anyway we will be going back

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  7. Does anyone know if you can launch a boat that has a gas motor and not use it? Like I do at Nimisla.

  8. those big 30in fish are amurs. they are laso known as grass carp and not really catchable. they eat alot of algae and keep the lakes algae under control. And as far as the gas motor goes. ive seen boats in there with gas motors and there isnt a game warden there 95% of the time, as long as u take the gas tank out or at least unhook the gas youll be fine. the ramp is very primitive at least the one on the N side, not sure if the S side is any deeper
  9. usually the female species always have the bigger mouths

    Uh Oh..................!
  10. The ramp on the south side is not worth your time, its shallow and theres not much room to park. The north ramp is shallow so if you have a big boat youll have to put your vehicle in the water. I have seen guys with bass boat using the electric motor to get around the lake. I know the "bowl" area of the lake has some nice holes.
  11. yea i took a depth finder out and just about 100 yards south of the N ramp right in the middle of the lake ive seen it hit hit 20 ft. but unless u have a jon boat or a 12 ft aluminum its rough to get a boat in without wading
  12. neither of the ramps there are deep... at least the last time i was there. not sure how launching a boat would go.