New London?

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  1. Anyone having any luck with the walleye or perch at new london don't need to Know exact locations but lure choice would be helpful. I am about an hour drive from their and am dying to try out my new 12' v hull any info. would be appreciated, thanks!
    Johnny fish
  2. Hey,

    It's a good reservoir with lots of fish. How do you catch them? I don't know. Fish it lots but can't seem to find a pattern.

  3. If you want to go sometime let me know!
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    If you plan on putting your boat in the water, you may want to double check to see if a permit is needed. At one time a permit was required. I cannot recall the cost. Maybe someone else here can help you in that regard.
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    Personally I would never fish NL for perch...Would make the trip to Willard for perch. The Walleye are pretty easy to catch off the reef to the left of the boat ramp if you're at the boat ramp looking out into the water. And at the weed lines along the shore line to the right of the pump house in about 12 to 15ft of water.... my .02
  6. If you won't fish NL for Perch you're missing it. I caught over 300 there a couple of years ago in Aug./Sept. Lots easier than Eyes there.
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    Willard perch run into the 16" range and pretty easy to catch and same distance for me to drive.
  8. 16 inch perch? Where is this willard?
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    No kidding! I've never seen a 16" come out of Erie!
  10. You need a permit to put your boat in at New London. I think it was $15.00 for a one year permit. They do have daily and weekly permits, I think. You get the permits at the campground office next to the boat ramp area. You can call them to find out all of the information. Just do a search for "New London Reservoir" and you will find their website and contact information.

    Has anyone been catching the walleye up there? I was doing real well with the walleye and smallmouth in May/June and then had to leave town for 2 months for work (construction) and came back and went fishing 2 times in the past month to New London and only caught 1 small walleye and nothing else! I may go up the lake and any advice would help.