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    any one fish here before ?any good?
  2. Ive fished there quite a few times in the warmer months over the last 10 years. Caugth walleye, small mouth, perch, largemouth. crappie, bluegill, and channel cats. the lake is clean and clear. electric motors only. You need to stop at the park office to get a pass to launch a boat.

  3. Good lake. Hard to fish due to zebra mussell invasion so it's very clear.

    Thanks to whoever left their motor down and let the little buggers in!
  4. firelands.....

    can you give me some idea or insight on how you know it has zebras. have you hooked some from the bottom, seen them on camera, or heard from others....
    Thanks for any feed back.
  5. ive never seen any in there? i also fish willard extremely clear and wellington upground wich is more clear than purified water.
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    There are local dive teams who run drills in the area. Wellington definately has them. Chances are they got dropped by birds or wildlife. They can survive in their larval stage for a while.