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  1. Went there today to look around. Bought an ice fishing rod and some lures. Impressed by the stock of plastics and lures. Good prices and discount coupons. Glad to have a store like that in the area.

    Not impressed with the lack of fly fishing geer (none). Very basic hard water stock.

    Chime in and let me know how you like the store.
  2. where is the store located at?

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    It's in a plaza on the corner of Manchester Road and Cormany Road, just south of the Acme plaza in the Portage Lakes area. It's just about 3/4 of a mile south of the Manchester road exit of 224/277.

    They are a new store, and are still getting stuff out. They said they will have more stuff this spring. They have more bass fishing stuff, which you would expect with it's location in the Portage Lakes - about every soft plastic bait you could imagine, and plenty of them.

    Check out the sticky post at the top - Big Daddy has the address and a map link, Het posted several pictures.