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New LADUE bass record!

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Nipididdee, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. Time and techno difficulties have not allowed me to complete the championship webpage but thought all might wanna know some of the awesome fishn that took place this past weekend. And to think folks claim our events have hurt the bass fishn'! lol :rolleyes:

    Ryan and Craig Kitson had winning weight of 20.54 lbs (5 fish)! A new FBFP record. Second and third 15.51 and 15.15 !!! Four other bags came in at over 12lbs!!!! Two more over 10!!! Put this in a little perspective the top 12 teams weighed 56 fish for appx 145lbs - that is over a 2.5lb average PER FISH for the top 12 teams!!!

    Deep diving cranks on ledges and humps in 10-15ft of water won it. Now dig this - topwater (poppers and zaras) for 2nd in 4-6 ft weedlines of the east shore (imagine a topwater bite all over 3lbs) and third on blacknblue jigs stroked on a weedline in 14ft of water.

    Website will be up soon- get out to Mother with the full moon just around the bend- she's beautiful and RED HOTT!!!

  2. That's amazing. I wish we would have made it, but we overslept again. :rolleyes: :mad: We went on Sunday, though and couldn't buy a bite.

  3. I saw the weigh in from my perch on the bank at 422... plenty of boats and looked like a very good turn out... CONGRATS to all

    I watched plenty of "wanna be bassers" come to the cove I was fishing and simply fish like "hit me or I'm outta here" with no idea what their target was when casting or the need to maybe cast more then once to an object... Seems a little patience may be needed by more of them and they'd pickup on their creel total...
  4. LaDO- what are you doin sleepn in again!!! Your record for oversleeping is worse than mine!!! lol

    Turkeyman- I'm a wanna be carper, how you get that chum so far out from the bank??? ;)

    Hope all the boys were respectful to your fishn hole when they flew in and out. They very well left quickly as to show courtesy to yourself. Come on out with us the 8/22 for the "summer open" and see how you might stack up against some of those dudes. You might be surprised!

  5. I use a little scoop purchased from a pet shop and simply fling it out.. nothing fancy... I make sure to toss out a scoop full or two every hour or so to keep the feed bag on :D
  6. ohh...
    I wouldn't say they were looking out for me at all... more then a couple boated right over my chum area and my lines with a stare or odd look my way... some even cast near me or even next to me on shore... hmmnmnn
    A few did ask how I was doing and even watched me land some fish... Since I was outside the actual cove area I did not bother them and they generally did not bother me...
    My bass fishing days are pretty much over due to back surgery and the need to give it up when a flare-up pops up :(