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New Kayak p/u today!

Discussion in 'Canoes & Kayaks' started by LittleMiamiJeff, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. P/U my new OK Prowler Angler 15 today, got to get it lettered, and in the water tomorrow for 1st time.
    Caught a couple of smallies today, Little Miami River downstream of Milford, couple of small sauger, 5-6 lb drum. Can't remember ever catching drum before, except my son a few years ago, broke line, bobber and all as we drifted hellgramites for smallies.
    Bobber came back up East Fork river pool, we grabbed my seine net and waded after it. After a few futile tries to net it, my son just reaches out and grabs the line, I managed to get net under it after that.
    I have a picture some where of him holding this drum/carp by the gills, with it's tail almost touching the ground, Kyle had the biggest grin on his face.
    I'll let you all know how it goes on the East Fork lake tomorrow, I usually put in at the Dam ramp, but I hear the ramp on the Campground, or where the East Fork comes INTO the lake is the place to be. I'm hoping to find out.
    God Bless,