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New Job

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fishyguy, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. Fishyguy

    Fishyguy Crazy Catman

    Funny story.... :D
    Last Friday (8 days ago) I got extremly ticked off at work. The reason why is because they have been real slow and giving me only about 20-28 hours a week. Well, about 2 months ago the boss gave his son a job there sweeping up and taking garbage out etc. He is only 18 just graduated last summer and has no skills or trade whatsoever. He is a complete moron. To give you guys an idea how dumb he is, I marked out 2 holes for him to drill, gave him the drill and 1/4 inch drill bit and air line, and he had no clue how to drill a hole. So I showed him and then I gave him the bolts to bolt the chain to the holes, I gave him the ratchet and wrench, and he couldn't figure out how to use the ratchet. So he is basically helpless. Anyways, I have been with this company for 6 years and started out as a welder which is what my trade is. I applied for an assembly job within the company after one year. Got that job and 6 months later got the assembly leadman job and have been running assembly for about 4.5 years. Well, we have been real slow like I said and they have been giving the bosses son who has no skills and has been there 2 months or so more hours than me. That is BS because he lives at home and spends his whole paycheck on concerts and DVD's and thats it. Daddy pays for his gas, incurance etc etc. Well, I have a wife and daughter to supprt. Well Friday was the last straw. We had some parts that needed to be delivered to a company in Wilmington which is about 2.5 hours worth of driving. They told me in the morning that they only had about 4 hours of work for me that day and then I was going home. I told them I wanted to take the stuff to Wilmington for more hours. They said no I make too much money, that the bosses son was going to take it. I told them if they do that I would quit, I have had enough of this BS. They sent him anyways and I told them I was gone, I QUIT. They said fine. Well, I knew immediatly they screwed themselves. I am the only certified Flexlink builder in the company, and the only tig welder in the company, and those 2 things make up approx 80% of their work. Well, I put out 3 applications and got calls back on all 3. Including the one I really wanted. I have tried to get on at this place before. Well, I got in this time, I will be making alot more money than I was, and doing cool work. Some of their customers include Nasa, P&G, Pratt&Whittney etc.etc. I will also be learning a new skill, they are putting me in their training program to run machines. This is very good pay. Well, I went back to my old job to get my toolbox and while I was there I rubbed it in their face about the new job because they thought that I was screwed when I quit. It was funny, while I was getting my stuff together I looked at a Flexlink job they had started after I left, and I saw all kinds of screw-ups on it. I told them they had it all messed up and asked who built it, they replied that boss had. I was laughing like crazy and asked them if they missed me already. They asked me to tell them what they had done wrong and how to fix it. I replied "oh, I am sorry, I can't, I don't work here anymore. But if you want to give me 50 bucks I'll tell ya, otherwise good luck with your run-off tomorrow" They were having the customer in for a run-off the next day. Well, I checked back in with them the next day to see how it had went. The boss wouldn't get on the phone, but the engineer did and he said the run-off went horrible and the customer was ticked off about the horrible work on the job. I love it!!! Oh yeah, and to top it off, another guy in the shop quit on them too, because he said it was wrong how they did me and he told them if that's the respect you have for your leadmen, I hate to see what you'd do to me. And he walked! AWESOME
  2. Congrats On You New Job! You Got To Be Happy Not Only With The Ones You Work With But The Ones You Work For. You Depend On Them For Your Bread N Butter! Maybe Get Some Vac. For Wettin The Line! :) Jig

  3. Hey Fishyguy, Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough. Supervisors and bosses are only as good as the people that are working for them. Sometimes they forget that and cut off their nose to spite their face. I guess they learned real fast who was running their shop. Good luck in your new and improved job.......JIM
  4. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    It looks like this same sort of thing is going to happen at the shop I work at after the new year.

    I've had 4 employees that work under me tell me that after Christmas, we probably won't be seeing them much anymore. I went and said something about it to my boss and he looks at me and says he's looking also! :rolleyes: :D

    Of course I'm going myself after February. Maybe I can move up to Erie and buy a Charter Boat. :cool:

    Good Luck with your new job..Hopefully, you can say the same for me when the time comes. :)
  5. Fishyguy

    Fishyguy Crazy Catman

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. And good luck to you Chuck when the time comes. Parrothead, you hit it dead on. Your right! And Jig, same goes for you, right on! I plan on wetting the line alot the next week. I start new job next Monday the 15th. I have to wait til then just to make sure the drug test results come back OK, which I guaruntee they will. :)
  6. catking

    catking Banned

    I've found that it works best just to move on and don't let the rest of the BS concern you. Believe me, the companies have the " Everybody is expendable" attitude ;) Lifes short, forget all that crap and enjoy the new job. The old company will survive, and they also will find out they are missing out on an excellent employee ;) They probably already know :D Nice going Lee !!.....CATKING
  7. Great Move...1 Job I Had Was A Production Job At Coke..boss Man Said One Day Your Fired..i Said You Cant Fire Me..he Said Why..i Said I Quit..he Said You Gonna Give Me A Notice?i Said Sure When U Come In,in The Morning And Notice Im Not There Thats Your Notice...
  8. that job is over. now move on. congatulations, you deserve the best for you and your family. good luck to you and yours.
  9. I know what you mean about hours being cut and people lower then you getting more hours. I'm not going to say much more because of "yeah" here.

    good luck witht he new job
  10. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Fishyguy, good luck with your new job. You deserve for having the backbone to walk-instead of being walked ON. ;)