New "Item" to include with Hunting License

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by Nailer639, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. I think that when you buy your hunting license you should also get the authority to tell someone to beat feet one time on pulic land every year. :)
    If it was possible, I would have burned mine up yesterday.

    To the owner of the dogs Two-bit and Pepper if you read this (or someone reads it to you), for future reference, if you come across a guy bow hunting on stand when it's 20 degrees out at 9 a.m., odds are he's not out there to make friends or even for the enriching conversation with you about whether or not you pushed anything to him on your second time through, or how far you just walked. And wear some orange during the youth hunt. For the record I know it's public land but...!?
  2. That sucks man! Same scenario happened to me last year in Trumbull county, but the owner and I never had words. I don't think he ever saw me actually. I agree though, just once to be able to say "Hey.............!

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    You have to love public land. Hey, I'm as friendly as anyone else most of the time, but if I am in my blind, or 15' up a tree with my bow...don't stop and talk to me.:rolleyes: Just keeeep walkin'....;)
  4. Thanks for empathizing guys. The bad part was that he showed up shortly after a doe came by. I was thinking a buck might not be too far behind until his dogs picked up her trail and he had to come and chase them (the first time through) not 50 yards from me screaming at the top of his lungs.


    I'm not sure which was the old man, but I can tell you that neither of them could hear very well.:)

    His second time through he actually had the stones to ask if he pushed anything to me...he was only 30 yards away (talking loudly)and he couldn't believe that I didn't see anything thanks to all of his efforts, because "he walked waaaaay back in there...had to be 3-4 miles".

    The public land blues, what are you going to do. Maybe someday I'll hit the lottery and be able to buy my own land, and then have a whole new set of headaches! ;)
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    My brother in law found some woman from Cleveland in his carefully constructed ground blind opening morning of gun season on public land a long time ago. We had assumed we found a good unknown area of AEP (this was 20 yrs ago) only to find out when it got light we were sadly mistaken. He mentioned to her that we had made the blind and she threatened to call her two brothers over to help settle matters.