NEW ice gear for "09"

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  1. heres some new electronics. The ice55 by Humminbird has some unique features and won best new electronics at this years ICAST show.

    Figured we could use a thread to update everybody on new gear for 09
    just post anything you find here! Can't wait for Ice.

    This year I plan to use more of my hand cut plastics that worked so well for me last year. I cut bloodworm sized strips of plastic with a razor and died them red with dip and glow garlic dye. Nothing new but, I cut them out of the old terminator snap back plastic and they are super indestructable and have much better action than standard plastic. Rigged t-boned or "wacky style" they caught fish as well or better than bait. worked great after ice out too.

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    YESSSSSSS! Thinking ice fishing too. I've been looking at the new ice55. Pretty cool stuff and will probably be exceptional in daylight. One just went on e-bay last week...didn't catch the final price. I've been using Fl-18 for a couple years now and like it a whole lot. Just purchased a Marcum lx-5 (used) and want to give it a try this year...looks to be comperable but like the face of the unit. Would really like some feedback on the ICE55. Anyone know of a online review for the ICE55?
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    i like the look of the bro bug. mud bug looks to be E.T. inspired?
  4. I am a big fan of the modern Humminbirds. But I also love the Vexes. The Vex has a proven track record where as the Ice series is in its first year. Marcum also enjoys a good reputation. I think I would wait a few years before ponying up to 499.00 for something in its first year. Just a thought from a rather old ice sitter. 61 years of age and 49 of em on the ice.