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  1. For all you Summit County area guys and gals... Metroparks, Serving Summit County is going to allow bowhunting on selected park lands. There are some BIG deer down around Quick Rd.!!!


    As part of its ongoing deer management program, the park district will
    permit hunting by bow and arrow in four areas starting this fall.
    Participation will be limited to Summit County residents who pass an
    archery test and whose names are chosen by lottery next month.

    The hunting areas include portions of the Columbia Run and Quick Road
    conservation areas, both in Boston Township; Pond Brook Conservation Area
    in Twinsburg Township; and Furnace Run Metro Park in Richfield. Selected
    areas are remote and have limited public access.

    A public lottery for hunting permits will be held Wednesday, August 27 at 7
    p.m., at Coventry Oaks Pavilion in Firestone Metro Park, 40 Axline Ave.,
    Akron. Participants must bring with them proof of passing the park-approved
    archery performance test at one of the following locations:

    Gander Mountain
    2695 Creekside Dr.
    Twinsburg, OH

    Hadley's Sports
    4023 S. Main St.
    Akron, OH

    The Marksman
    3017 Barber Rd.
    Norton, OH

    Hunters whose names are drawn will be assigned a hunting area and given a
    two-week period in which they can participate during bow hunting season.
    They must follow the hunting guidelines established by the Ohio Division of
    Wildlife and agree to harvest a doe before taking a buck.

    A complete list of the rules is available at

    For several years, the park district has attempted to reduce deer density
    levels in its parks and conservation areas in order to restore and maintain
    a balanced ecosystem. Regionally and throughout the state, changes in
    habitat and the elimination of natural predators have allowed deer herds to
    grow to unnatural densities.

    In some areas, deer densities have been documented at more than 200 per
    square-mile. Densities that exceed 20 per square-mile are associated with
    threats to biodiversity.

    In the 2007-08 season, 257 deer were culled by sharpshooters in the Metro
    Parks, and 9,850 pounds of venison were donated to the Akron-Canton
    Regional Foodbank. During the 2006-07 season, 215 deer were culled and
    8,150 pounds of venison were donated.
  2. I copied this here so more eyes will see it. Great news for hunters.

  3. that is some good news, now let us from different counties get in on that fun!!!!!
  4. Fishpro

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    Thats cool. I'd like to see what the Archery Test is going to consist of.:) !%
  5. If it is similar to other parks organizations I know of it will be about 20 yds down a hill. So probably about 18 yds or so of actual distance. needing 4 out of 5 arrows on a normal piece of paper to qualify. pretty easy if you put your shooting time in like you should.
  6. Fishpro

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    It would be interesting to see just how many peole who bowhunt couldn't do that.;)
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    Heh - it would be interesting to see how many people that gun hunt couldn't do that. ;)

    This sounds like a very sensible solution to overpopulation.
  8. does anyone know if they will let crossbows in it? and does it cost any money to get into the drawing? its a great opportunity get a hr or 2 in before and after work.
  9. How much is a P.O. box in akron?? lol