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Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by Nightprowler, Mar 8, 2008.

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    Anybody here about extending spring turkey hunting hour until 2:00pm?? But in return the season is shortend by a week??? DNR is talking to council and hunters to see what they think about the idea.
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    Personally, I think it should be an all day hunt. I would be more than willing to exchange hours for days. Current time do not allow kids to get out after school. For the normal working hunter, they are also limited in their time in the field. To be able to only hunt for 4 hours each day on the weekends and for the price of a tag, I believe we should be able to spend more time in the woods. If an all day hunt is not negotiable, what about proposing an all day hunt only on the weekends? Just my 2 cents.

  3. I have to agree with toxic, Im a dedicated turkey hunter and it does suck that you cant go out after work. Nothin worse workin a bird to 12:00 then backing off especialy if he's commited. Cant tell ya how many times Ive seen big toms crossing the road infront of me after the 12:00 cut off. Thanks.
  4. i see what you mean, i dont mind being done by 12 because then i start doing my foodplots in the after noon or anything else that needs done
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    My biggest complaint is that the Division is always saying we are loosing hunters and we need to introduce youngsters to (any) hunting. Then we only allow in this case, hunting until noon. How many states allow all day turkey hunting? I know there is a few.
  6. I have heard the reason for huntin till noon is because of the Hens going to nest in the afternoon. If they get kicked off of the nest to many times they tend not to come back, therefore the young will die....
  7. im ok with the hunting till noon. but in my opinion i think if you dont fill your tag or tags in the spring you should be able to use them in the fall. but it wont happen cuz they wont make any extra money that way. just my thought.
  8. well I think the division of wildlife has done a fine job in bringing the population of turkeys up to what we have today with the regulations they set and releasing birds into so many areas! I don't mind only hunting till 12! and most of the time if a hen is jumped off of her nest they don't return! I wouldnt want them to take away any days in return for evening hunts! I do agree on transferring the tags from spring to fall!
  9. MUSHROOMS !!!!
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    I agree with Toxic. ODNR does not stand behind what they say. They say they want to increase the number of hunters but don't act they so many ways. But thats another thread.

    My problem is that my son (16) wants to hunt turkey and I have to buy a license and tag just to go with him. Kinda irritating.
  11. Te biggest concern by the ODNR is killing too many birds; this applies to both the noon thing and the spring fall tags. The estimate OH flock to be at approximately 180K - 200K birds. We kill a little over 20K birds a year, 95% of which are males. Assuming approxiamtely a 50/50 split, that means we kill 20% of male turkeys each year.

    I would love to hunt all day, or even till 2 but I do understand the divisions concerns. Can we really afford to kill many more birds each year and have a stable population? I'm not sure...
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    That last post was right on.

    Don't be greety fellas. Would you rather have a healthy turkey population and only hunt until noon, or get to hunt all day and risk hurting the population and future hunting???

    Sometimes you have got to look at the big picture rather then just what would suite you personally.

    We currently are on the very tip of killing the maximum male turkeys each spring in order for them to sustain themselves into the next year. An all day hunt WOULD push us over that tip.
  13. I go to Kentucky every year and hunt turkey. Me and my buddy generally walk out of the woods by 1pm with 2 big toms. Down there you can hunt all day and there are birds everywhere.
  14. i agree i think huntin till noon is a good thing. ive only killed one turkey after 11:00, and i think it would be harder to get one in the afternoon except gettin em goin to roost. plus it makes my wife happy. she always says man i love turkey huntin so much more than deer cuz your home at 3 everyday and i dont have to wait all night till u get home
  15. I believe basscatcher is correct. Until the population grows large enough for all day spring turkey, i'm fine to hunt until noon.
  16. There was an article in the latest Ohio Outdoor News. Here are the options they are looking at:

    1 - Keep reg the same (4 weeks/hunt till noon/2 birds)
    2 - Hunt till 2 pm with a limit of 2 birds with a 3 week season
    3 - Hunt till 2 pm with a limit of 1 bird with a 4 week season

    Keep it the way it is;)
  17. The noon quiting time has zero to do with the fear of killing too many birds. Basscatcher12 is correct, it is concern about hens getting bumped off the nest. It's actually a bit rediculous to think that extending the hours would put the turkey popualtion in jeopardy, just as it's silly to think we're at (or even close to) the maximum number of birds we can safely kill a year. We actually kill closer to 10% of the male birds per year, 13% to be exact. Not 20%. They are asking for opinions because they KNOW that the flock can easily handle it.
    I don't know what we'd do without armchair biologists. :rolleyes:
  18. They (ODNR) actually admitted being wrong and that the "bumping of birds" was no longer a fear 4-5 years ago. :rolleyes:

    Took my info from the Ohio Outdoor News; the article was actually written by the state's head of turkey management. I don't know, maybe he was lying in the article???? I'm no biologist; just repeating what i read.:eek:
  19. they need to keep it the way it is. i think if its not broke dont fix it.
  20. I don't disagree at all that the fear of bumping hens is a bit unfounded. I was simply stating, that is the only reason that the mid day quiting time has been in place in so many states. A number of states have now extended the hours. They still have turkeys.