new homemade ICE Lure

Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by Big Joshy, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. heres a lure I made out of an old storm wildeye jigging soft minnow.
    I pulled off the plastic and all that was left was the lead underbelly and the hooks. I put a rattle in the nose and used gobs of hot melt to make the body. the back fin is made of plastic from a vinly siding sample that I bent and shaped with a razor. it swims perfectly just like a jigging rapala but it rattles and its quite a bit lighter so it makes bigger slower circles. this is a new paintjob. The first paint job was not so great but. the one time that I used this lure I caught 4 saugeye through the ice in the first 5 minutes with no minnow added.

    Since then ive tweaked the action a bit by adding the back upper fin to help it track true.

    the new paint job was done with spray paint cans, automotive paint with a brush, glow powder paint mixed with epoxy to make the belly glow. Then epoxy all over.

    Im realy excited to give it another try, can't wait till ice time!

  2. awesome looking bait! Sounds like you put alot of thought into detail with it too. Happy Thanksgiving. :B

  3. KILLER ice jig! I'll take one in every color. LOL! Nice job.
  4. that is a nice looking jig. Hopefully you'll be seeing many more fish in the future.
  5. Those poor saugeye won't have a chance!!!! I love this kinda stuff. Dialing in colors and actions to increase your odds in your favorite fishing holes!