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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Beetle, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. This is my first post here!LOL Just wanted to say hey. I live in Milford Township which is just north of Hamilton. I'm fairly new to catfishing but have been fishing all my life. Thanks to Salmonid for recommending this site to me. I hope to learn a few things and maybe share some too!
  2. fishymcgoo

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    welcome! this site is great i have learned alot. i think you will enjoy it:)

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  4. Welcome to the site buddy, I'm still fairly new my self. Dont post as much as i should but i do a hell of a lot of reading! lotta great tips, news, ect. on this site. Hope u enjoy it!

  5. Welcome Beetle!! Glad to see you switched from the "dark" side...;)

    The force is strong with this one folks...

  6. GMRcatman

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    Just wanted to say welcome! I am not too far from you, and I fish with a couple of other guys from this site quite often. We hit the river for cats 3-5 nights a week. Maybe we all could get together sometime.
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    Welcome,but,uh,what is/was "the dark side".Helpful crowd here and more'n a few catfishers,TC1
  8. Glad you decided to join up. Pull up a stump and start telling stories about the big one, just like the rest of us.
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    Welcome to the site. You will quickly become addicted to this site as we all have.
  10. Welcome to the madness known as OGF.
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    Welcome to the jungle! :) WB ( now how many of you are humming that song??)
  12. Welcome Beetle. Enjoy!
  13. Welcome beetle!
    GMR, i didnt even see you posted man call me im back from WI. and man do i got stories lol, i should just post them on here. beetle im close to you in milford twp me and gmr used to go out a few times a week if youre interested in going shoot me a pm ill get ahold of gmr and we can all hit up middletown or down my way.
  14. Welcome to the site. I wouldn't mention Salmonid's name too loudly around here. I have been told he's trouble.
  15. Welcome to the site. Everyone here is really helpful and you will definitley learn a lot.
  16. Welcome !
    Enjoy the site! Its a great place to talk about the one that got away!