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  1. I'm about to be laid-off for the first time in 25 years so, I'll have time to fish. I live within 20 minutes of Rush Creek Lake, have never fished there but, I have heard it's good for crappie and channel cats. I do catch and release so, I'm not competing with anybody else's take. My recreation is getting out and catching. Any info on this lake would be greatly appreciated!

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    Ive never fished it but a Guy I worked with last year fished it alot for Crappies, He said he would just hit the Brush piles from bank with minnows and catch nice fish.

  3. hoc co not to far from, i'm s/o union furnace. hocking river has some nice smallies and saugeye around logan. i've caught some nice crappies at rush ck when i had a boat, never bank fished it
  4. I've caught some crappies and channels there on the boat. Been skunked there 3 times fishing for largemouth. All in all, not worth the time. There are however some great spots on rush creek for 2-4 pound smallies.
  5. I do have a Lowe 16' mod vee. I'm hoping to find fish, then take a retiree with me. Thank you,
  6. Rush Creek can be good. My neighbor regularly gets nice catches of crappie on minnows in early spring (not big fish, but keeper size). I've had some decent days for bass using buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, Senko-type baits and worms around heavy cover in the coves and also on the flat in the upper end of the lake.
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    Crappie fishing is pretty much straight forward- dippin minnies around brushpiles is about as technical as you'd need to get. As said above eatin size with a few big ones.

    Catfish wise, I am sworn to secrecy, but that lake has the craziest spring bite for channels that Ive seen. To top it off, I have caught two small blue cats there as well.
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    Hey HockingCo,

    If it's gettin' out and catchin' you want... Head over to Bremen and climb into Rush Creek (the creek) and you'll get plenty of action. A nice couple mile walk southward and back should keep you busy.
    Take bug spray. And always wear shoes when creek walkin'/fishin'.
  9. Thanks to all for replying, greatly appreciated!