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  1. Hey there everyone Im new on here and wish I would have known about this site all along. Been reading some threads and seems like there is some knowledge lurking around here! my first question for you is, I keep hering rumors that you are only alowed 1 catfish over so many inches (cant remember what the exact inches was) in the boat at one time. Have heard this from 2 different people now, one guy being a commercial netter and another just a river fisherman. If this is True, what would you do in a tournament situation having more than 1 big fish onboard. I asked a local game warden in Bethel Ohio and he said he knew nothing of this news. that was about 3 months ago or so.
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    It mainly deals with the inland lakes in Ohio, Ohio River is not affected by the ruling, your only allowed two Flatheads per person over 35 inches in the boat, since you mainly fish the Ohio river it won't affect you welcome to OGF.......Doc

  3. Welcome to OGF catcrazed : ) this is a great site.:)
  4. There are more strict limits than what was specified earlier in this thread. The law states that you may keep only 1 channel cat over 28 inches and a limit of 6 under 28 inches on bodies of water less than 600 acres. The law also states that you may only keep 1 Flathead over 35 inches and there is no limit on any flathead under 35 inches statewide. Here is the link to the limits posted on the ODNR website . I hope this clears things up and I will post this on another thread in a few different forums so that everyone will know for sure.
  5. Thanks for all of the info guys. That odnr page is exactly what i was looking for to. I have read a lot of the odnr pages on the internet but couldnt find that particular one. Thanks guys!!!
  6. No problem at all! Good luck!