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New Guy on the Block

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by booyah, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. booyah

    booyah Senior Member

    Hey, I am a basser. I found your site and been doing a lot of reading. Whats up with steel heads. Its sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun. I never tried it before. I grew up in Fla, just bass fished all the time. I have a bass boat, I go to Fairport alot for the smallmouth and my son likes the rock bass. What would I throw for your "chromers"? Are they deep? How long does this action keep going on? You dont have to tell me all your secrets, just a few. My son is 10 and he needs some help (lol). Thanks Guys & Gals.
  2. Welcome to OGF. I fish for everything.

    Check out the "HELP THE NEWBIE" post in the "LOUNGE" area. I put the Fairport info there for someone else.

    After you catch your first steelie, take a pic and post a report here of your experience. Good luck!!!

  3. I have a few minutes to type in some basic info.....

    Steelhead w/ browns/cohos mixed in, run from early Sept. to late April/early May....

    In the early part of fall, you can fish any mouth of creeks/rivers from vermillion all the way to erie, PA and on to Olcott, NY. Including the Chagrin, Rocky, Grand, arcola creek, conneaut creek, ashtabula river etc...

    I use K/O Wobbler and Lil' cleo spoons with 8lb test line, casting out into the actual lake in early Sept to early Oct. Colors I like best: chrome and something. Meaning chrome and green, chrome and orange, chrome and neon yellow...etc...

    As the season progresses and gets cooler, I'll use mini-foo jig heads in colors black or black w/ red head, and maggots under a small balsa bobber or a cork with 6lb test clear mono. This is a great setup for the smaller waterways which shall remain nameless.

    Plain hook and shiners (not fatheads or goldens) under a balso bobber also work well.

    I use all 3 methods and sometimes even fly fish too.

    The colder it gets the better the fishing, and rain will go along way to spread out the runs of steel also...

    I prefer spinning reels with a really good 'rear' drag for easier drag adjustments....for those steel bullets will run all over the place....and on 6lb test it is a true challenge....I've never played a fish too long and all get released by me for another day...

    just caught a 7 lb. 28'' female in a smaller creek and it went balistic...3 jumps totally out of the water.

    These guys are great for steel advice on this site...lotta guys with a lotta knowledge ....

  4. If you aren't into the shore fishing or wading, you can launch your boat & either troll or cast for them. I troll the Rocky with 1/4 to 2/5 oz little cleo's or k.o. wobblers & do pretty well. You can also cast the breakwall with these lures or use a #3 -#5 vibrax. The trolling option is only available for a few more weeks before the water gets too cold, so get out there & get them.
  5. I agee with Steely123 - I alway like to use chrome and colored Lil Cleos - I typically go with green or blue.
    I was just at Walmart and wanted to picked up two more Lil Cleos, but they were all out, so ya know they are popular..

    The best part of steelhead fishing the the fight... you will reallyinjoy it! :)

  6. keep up with any of the steelhead tip threads on this page. i am trying, with the tips of other folks to keep updates flowing on a thread "steelhead in the tribs" thread. i leave a lot of info there, but other guys are way smarter than i am and leave updates on tribs other than thr rocky, my fishing hole. glad to meet you.

    everytime i go to walmart for the blue and chrome little cleo it's sold out! i found a guy on ebay i get them on a regular basis now. if you can find the one that is blue/chrome with salmon colored spots on it, get it! so hot!

    there are all kinds of baits you can use, as steely123 pointed out. i prefer to use 6lb test lo vis green stren line w/a 8lb flourocarbon leader. i attached the leader with a black barrel swivel. i often use spoons in the fall and graduate to jig and maggot later through spring. if you are going to use a float for jig and maggot, use a medium to small float, weighted. Trout get spooked easily and the splash of a big float is annoying to other anglers.

    I have been doing great with a black and silver maribou style jig or black and gold maribou. Everyone prefers something different.

    I am a newbie to fly fishing, but it's not really that hard and actaully a lot more fun and relaxing if you have the money to spend on gear. So, I hope to travel more to NY next year to fly-fish, until we move up there in the summer of 05.

    Well, good to meet you and hope this helps. Awesome info steely123!!!

  7. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Welcome Booyah:
    Glad to have you join us. Great information here to be had. Please ask questions, about anything you may need help with fishing the Buckeye state.
  8. booyah

    booyah Senior Member

    You people are great!!! Thanks for your help!!! I will be out on the river next weekend with my cleo's and wobblers. I release all my fish. (except for perch, um, um good) I have been a member of Bassmasters since I was a kid. I am in several tourneys through out the year. This time of the year is is slow. So this will be a change for me. I am in to casting and shore line fishing. Trolling isnt my bag of tea. I wonder how far I can get my Triton up river? I guess I will explore next weekend. Again thanks alot!!!! btw, I always keep my camera on board. So I will post my first "steelie" Thanks "Tight Lines"

    ps, someone tried to send me a message. I click yes, but nothing happened. Puters and I dont get along. I will keep trying.

  9. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Go to the top of any page that you are at...there on the right under "Welcome booyah" click on the words "Private Messages" that are in blue. You will be taken to your own private messaging account where you can send, and look at those you have received, delete old ones, etc. ;)

    - Rumi
  10. booyah

    booyah Senior Member

    Got it.....Thanks!!!!!
  11. K gonefishin

    K gonefishin Eye Slayer

    Well Booya I like that name too. Hey if you have a triton a good spot to try would be the rocky river from the boat launch there is a 1/2 mile of river to fish untill you reach the mouth, it's nice because you can fish it even if the water is too high or the lake is too ruff. Hey shoot me a pm if you want some steelhead info, or any other northeast ohio spots, My dad used to have a bass boat so I know alot of good spots on the lake that you can go without worrrying about ruff water.....peace out