new graphics card problems. help please

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  1. i have a dell dimension 2400 its 4 years old. i bought a geforce fx5200 graphics card. i put it in, my computer recongnize it. when i plug the monitor in the new card, windows will only run in safe mode. i hooked the monitor back up to the old card and now all is good. why doesn't windows run in regular mode with the new card?i xpsp2,1gb of ram,intel celeron. my dell has pci slots.the new card is for a pci pc. i made sure of that. any help will be great.the new card has 2 vga connectors and 1 s-video connector. i even ran windows in vga mode and still didn't work.


    i dont know how true it is but i have heard that u can only use dell stuff in dell computers meaning u cant put that graphics card in that computer. like i said i have heard it but i dont know for sure, maybe someone else will know or maybe call dell and ask them

  3. I would agree with NUM1FIRE. Call the Dell Help Line to verify if the card will work with your unit. I have run into this numerous times (especially with Gateway) where the manufacturers will run everything on a proprietary set-up, and you can only buy upgrades through them (at a heavily inflated price - of course)
  4. i got it working. i called dell and they would not help because i was not installing dell hardware. anyway i researched a little and found out dell's have onboard graphics controllers. i just had to go into the device manager and disable that. and now i can play elder scrolls without my machine freezing up.i am happy. december 23-jan4th i am on vacation. yahoo!