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  1. I recently order some new carpin' rods/reels from Picked up two Shimano Big Baitrunner LC and two Fox Warrior elite rods. It's the most I've ever spent on a combo and well worth it. Only thing I'm having trouble with so far is over casting. I'm used to my 4500 shimanos, which are very good reels, but not meant for distance casting.

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  2. crappielooker

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    daang dooood.. you upgraded yourself now i see.. :)

  3. I have to at least look like I know what I'm doing :)

    There were times last year that I could not reach the fish, now that should not be a problem.

    I kinda regret building a cart. Now I can get everything I need into my rucksack and that quiver I got from you. The cart will still come in handy for events and such.
  4. Added some more goodies last night. Ordered the ACS ruben heaton scales, a couple more luggage type items. One being the free spirit camera case and the other being the medium size lead/bits bag. Also a two compartment Fox F-box for needles and other tools, picked up the Solar bait needle and the attachments to go with it and some misc. terminal tackle.

    The Free spirit spod/marker case I picked up with my last order is pretty nice. Plenty of room for the TB1 spod and it's accessories, as well as another little spod and holders four several floats/markers. It seems pretty well constructed, I don't see it wearing out in the near future :)
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    my reuben haven't seen a fish since i left the US.. :( ain't that sad..
  6. Tisk Tisk Tisk...when's the last time you've caught a fish or tried to catch a fish??? (i'm not sure if i want to know the answer :( ;) )
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    u dont wanna know..the only pole i have been using is my own one so far.. ;)
    actually its since march.. :( sad ehh????


    So you been hualing with that pole of yours Ak? LOL!
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    its a deepsea rod doood.. I would say around 20+lbs TC. Heh heh
    ultralight.....pffft..tell that to my catches, and they will tell you..hehe