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  1. starting tying some flies last year, just dabbling in it. Have a few books, etc. Found this site and I wish it would have been the 1st resource I had found. Anyone new might get some use from it. Different patterns, tying methods, explanations and photos to follow along.
  2. You need to take a look here:

    Go to the menu on the left and click on flytying. Then click on beginning fly tying. A lot of great info.


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    I will second Fly Anglers Online. The famed Al Campbell has a series here that BradS mentioned. If you follow along with the step by step instructions and photos you'll take hours off of your learning curve--Guarenteed. Each new lesson builds from the previous one(s) taking you naturally from tying simple nymphs and dries to woven hackle flies and realistic ties. Great help. I'll also add this link:

    Joe Cornwall has a few patterns here that he ties on a downloadable or streaming video instruction. These are absolutley incredible. If you don't want to take a class on tying, this is the next best thing. You can see exactly how his fingers work, how he uses the tools and materials and what proportions he uses too. Highly recommend this. (BTW, he has posted many of these here on this board, so keep your eyes open for them)
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    I like to look on you tube and other fly fishing sites for videos and watch them tie the stuff too. to me that sometimes is better than reading something .
  5. I read about tying for years, considered getting a kit but kept thinking I had to learn all the techniques first...finally after throwing way too many 2.00 flies into the trees, I picked he top two or three producing flys I was using and learned them...continue to add new materials and patterns and have a not bought a single fly in over a year.

    Kits can be confusing and not have what you want, pick a pattern and learn to tie it...continue to add to that knowledge and the links everyone provided are GREAT.

    In my opinion, learn wooly buggers, lil' buggers, hares ear nymphs, zonker streamers, clousers and the royal wulff dry fly and you'll have an arsenal that'll catch just about everything in Ohio.
  6. Ive been tying about 6 years now.Most of my friends now relie on me to fill there box now. I love this sport