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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by snake69, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. snake69

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    Anybody get their new fishing license yet? Soon as the ol woman seen the color purple, she wanted some. Now if she fishes once a year, it has to be some special occasion. But everything she owns, well...nearly everything has purple in it. (When I bought her van, it had to be purple!) Anybody else experience this, or am I the only one with a strange woman?
  2. waterwalker

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    I'll make this as painless as possible for ya.Women are strange.Now grab your purse and fish.

  3. rolland

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    lol.. Mine will love that it is purple. I havent picked mine up yet so I didnt know. I will take her with me and get both of ours @ the same time she will love it.
  4. She isn't strange she just knows what she wants! I am not that bad, but I refuse to drive a car with a color that shows dirt, i know it is weird. I will never own a black, red, or white vehicle.
  5. dont intend to hijack the thread, but aren't all fishing license for the same year the same color? I just bought mine, and it is a light/baby blue color. The same color it was last year.... Whats up with that?
  6. I think this violet-purple color is worse then the year that they had the hot pink license color. Last year's license was the light blue, this year's is purple. I can remember having lime green, orange, hot pink, light blue and maybe even white.
  7. RareVos

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    Color? I bought mine online and printed it out... guess I could print it on any color paper you like.
  8. freyedknot

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    ohiou98..... .the place where you baught your license forgot to change the printer paper for the new year /color. happened to me once and it was a pain. some wordens just look to see if you have the right color paper and then they know you have a current license.i would also check to see when it expires? i printed mine out and it is plain white.
  9. cw261

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    I have had them check mine from a distance while trolling on Lake Erie - like freyedknot said, they just had us hold them up, they were looking for the right color. It might save you a lot of explaining if you can get the place you bought it from to reprint it on the right paper.
  10. I think I'll try that.
  11. I got checked on the ice on sunday. I'm just glad i got mine :)