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    Hey just letting everyone know of this family owned business with prices that rival any fishing store along with Dick's and Wal-mart. They buy from the manufacturer and sell cheap, seriously cannot find prices for fishing and HUNTING anywhere. They have everything from rods and reels, line and tackle for fishing, they sell bow and guns and if they dont have it they will order it, give them a call 330 757 7118 for the store ask for Dave or Carrie, or call 330 774 4621 and ask for reggie. Stop at there website does not do justice for the store but they are rebuilding it. there out of youngstown so if your in the neighborhood stop by or give them a call and tell them Dan sent you.....Trust me you wont be dissapointed and help out a family business, they all start somewhere and lets get them rolling!
    Dan Krych
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  2. They better have a good stinger supply and also red and double bladed gold harnesses there!LOL It's worth a stop! Thx for the post I'm close!:B

  3. There are a lot of erie guys in y town!:D
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    I would like to see if they could beat mark's prices. He's a hard man to beat!
  5. DUDE! Whats up with your avatar??? Seriously! this is a FISHING web site NOT an "I'm so desperate I've resorted to internet dating" site! Who are you trying to impress? Us fat, old, bald guys????

  6. Where are they located? I would be coming from Mogadore, but grew up in Campbell
    Cloudy trichomes
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    All Pro Fisher[​IMG]115 N Main Street
    Poland, OH 44514-1633
    [​IMG][​IMG]Phone: (866) 410-8692[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    It's on the website
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    Ill have to check it out, ive fallen predator to Cabela's :)