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New fishfinder

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Burkcarp1, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. want to upgrade not sure what to buy. I have a gps already so it wouldn't have to have one. Just want to mark fish the more detailed the better. Cost doesn't matter. Preferably with a big screen. Thoughts?
  2. Both lowrance and humminbird make a great sonar/gps. Most of the times you won't be saving too much to just buy a fish finder. And lowrance had combo units where you can get the gps/sonar and also a navionics chip which if you check out the maps of both units you will see the difference. Many different options out there.

  3. I'd take a trip to the Bass Pro near Toledo. There is a "kid" (anyone under 30 is a kid to me now) that really knows his stuff. Sorry I don't know his name. Anyway, they have quite a few demo units to play with. I've found it useful to actually get my hands on the unit. If cost is not too much of a concern you should be able to find a really good unit. The advancement in electronics over the last few years has been impressive.
  4. Check out the Garmin touch screen on sale at Wesr Marine.
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