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  1. Dont really think there will be a need for them this year. The price of gas will take care of any problem there may have been.
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    I hear ya. If it does (and it will) go higher, I think a lot of guys will not be traveling to far this summer. Last year it cost me right around 100.00 to fill the truck and boat for a day of fishing. I am looking into leaving the boat at a dry storage area this summer instead of towing it. It will save me a few bucks. I really hate to give it up entirely, but someday I may not be able to afford it, and it may come to that.

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    Are you talking about the Perch limit on Erie or what??
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    Doc.........Since new license are on sale, no limit changes (except Emergency Decision issued , like they did with the yellow perch).... would be made or implimented until next year. And yes, gas at 4.00 or better a gal. will restrict what people do and where they go....... I know it will effect just how far I travel to fish......stay much closer to home.....for sure.......
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    I put a fishing fund aside this year so i can afford to fish the three Ohio lakes i want to this spring. $1K. Delaware, WB and Berlin. After a couple trips to each lake, that fund should be gone.:(
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    chaunc..........Sure you want to come mess with these puny, little.... under fed .............skinny.......tired, I ran out of discriptive words.......for those WB "crappies", I scrape so hard to simply catch a meal of........ like taking food right out of my mouth.......HAHAHA>>>>>>>Reelly.......looking forward to running into you on my home water................good fishin to you ...Jon Sr.
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    Wanna trade a trip this spring? I just want to fish new water. Plenty of big crappies on my home lake. Ask Big Daddy.:D
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    Chaunc........... I only live 7 or 8 mins from WB...........Might take you up on the swap.......but until then........any time your over here, I will share some things with you......Bin fishin there since it was built...... What I will also just as soon as any thing gets going, I'll PM you....for sure. Here's to you man........good fishin...... Jon Sr.
  9. .....chaunc if anyone can put you over slab crappies at WB......mrphish42
    can and will .....Trust me I know....
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  10. Yep...I heard that there is a big push at the State level to suspend all fishing seasons this year due to the price of gas. I a DOLLAR more per gallon...that's gonna cost a 4 man crew an additional ten bucks per person per day..

    Not sure if I can swing that..but I'm gonna do my best...

    'Splain something to me...

    Guy buys $20k boat...spends $2k in tackle and rigging...$1k in storage...has a $30k truck to pull it...and he can't afford the $60.00 in gas for a day of fishing???

    I don't get it...but that's just me. I have friends that own big boats on Erie and Michigan...and all of them are saying the same thing..."not a big deal to guys will just have to chip in a little more...that's all.."

    The guys that will be affected the most are the "fringe" boat owners...those who probably shouldn't have purchased a boat in the first place and now have difficulty justifying the cost of going fishing...but if they put it all into's not THAT much more to go fishing...and what price do you put on your relaxation and enjoyment that you get from fishing???
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    BFG, I disagree with you. I do make an honest wage. My $40K boat is used. I do own a $30K+ truck, I pay a house payment, feed two kids, a wife, and pay my bills on time. Unfortunately I have to drive 60+ miles to the big pond. The price of gas drives everything else up like grocery's and other goods for instance. When I bought the boat, gas was a little over a dollar a gal. I just have to prioritize things. I can't take out more than 3 guys on my boat comfortably and I don't ask for gas money. Most people do offer it which is great. So my dilemma is do I spend 100 bucks to go fishing for a weekend, or do I put food on the table or buy clothes for the kids. I am sure it will not stop me from fishing, but it will cut a lot of people including myself from going fishing as often.
  12. i dont own a boat but have a few buddies who do, and imma firm beleiver that if i go out on the boat with them that, one there paying for the boat, the insurance, the vehicle to tow it, i can atleast help with gas, snacks, drinks, and bait, too many friends of boaters see it as a free trip on a boat and never realize how much money it is, if we as fisherman as non boaters would help out the person with the boat, it could offset the costs of gas and such. JMO
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    I got thinking just exactly what it does cost to go fishing from last year to this year. I am not a math expert, but this is what I came up with.
    In perspective what it will cost "me" extra this year.
    .75 more a gal than last year ($2.50gal then Now 3.15)
    x 20gal
    $15 extra
    x 2 (boat and truck (@ 20gal. each)
    $30.00 per week more
    x 2 trips a week minimum
    60.00 more a week.
    x 4 With 4 weeks in a month
    240 extra a month
    x 4 months of fishing June-Sept
    960 more a year just for gas

    This does not include oil for the motor. Yama lube went up in price as well, 2006 -$16.00/2007 -$26.00. Then there is launch fees to boot. And any incidentals that may accrue. With all that, the price to fish will be well over a 1,000 extra this year. Because I enjoy fishing so much and I don't want to stop going up. I am looking at dry storage closer to the lake this year just to cut down on the cost.
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    I think dock dabber was trying to lighten the mood around gas prices. I also think he was trying to say that everyone who is not a sportsman and typically overfishes will have to stay away because of cost!

    I could go on and on about gas, but it's summed up for me like this.

    "If gas costs more, everything that relies on it will too."
  15. Toxic...

    I hear what you are saying...and yes...things cost more these days..

    All I am saying is that I scratch my head when guys complain about fuel costs for their boats and I look at what is pulling the boat...on the boat...and in the boat.

    If you were in a 14'er with a 6 hp Sears motor...your argument would carry more weight with me. I'm not saying your kids, groceries, etc. etc. are not important. What I am saying is that you have a "$40k boat and a $30k truck to pull it" and that alone means you theoretically you can afford the fuel to go in the boat and truck. How many gallons of Yama-lube does your 4-stroker go through in a season??? 4? That's $40.00 more..hardly a reason to stay home in my opinion!

    If your fishing is going to cost you an extra grand this year...then invite 2-3 guys each trip to split the costs. I firmly believe that riders should carry their weight when it comes to boat fuel, truck fuel (if they ride with you), etc. It costs a lot to own/maintain a boat. There is no disputing this fact.

    But I ask you again....what price do you put on the enjoyment that you receive from fishing??? Tough to put a number on that...but I betcha it's more than a grand per year divided over 4 months.

    I annually drive 3-4000 miles a year to fish.'s gonna sting a bit more this year....but I don't care. I'm going fishing...and if I have to cut back on other things (i.e. golf, eating out, etc.) so be it. The solace that I get from fishing Erie and Michigan is far out-weighed by the extra $75.00 per trip it'll cost me this year.

    I did not mean to offend you with my post...and if I did, I apologize.
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    BFG, no way did you offend me brother. I'm just saying everything is going up and sacrifices will have to be made. If you don't have to, great I'm happy someone doesn't have to. It will not stop me from going. just not as much. To address your question on whether I can afford to fish just because of what I own. That doesn't hold up. The prices are going to affect everyone. And I do take people fishing. And most of them offer gas money, but I do no ask for it. I am very happy when they do. But like I stated, it will cost me over an additional grand to fish this year. That extra 1,000 could go to a family vacation or whatever. Try explaining to the wife, and kids that fishing is more important than the family. Then I would be paying child support LOL. When I purchased the boat and truck blah blah, times were different, and the economy was better.

    I think the majority of people are just sick and tired of the gas price hikes. When the oil companies make billions in profits and the working man is tired of being raped at the pumps. Something has to give soon. I wish I had the answers.
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    I agree that there will be fewer trips this year and by some margin reduce the overall take but I don't expect it to be that significant.

    Toxic I am with you ... first I dont begrudge companies from making money but I agree this market is out of whack....

    • Supply is increasing
    • Demand is Decreasing
    • The price is going UP?

    The sky is not falling this is no different than it was over the ages.... the only thing that has changed is the speed of the information and our arrogance that makes us think we know more than we do on a 15 minute interval....

    yeah there's more to that thought but that requires a longer conversation while trolling!
  18. for me im just happy to be able to fish, yeah the bankfishin is my friend most of the fishing days and nights but boat or not, its going to cost anyone, but we will do it cause we love the sport, we wont like the cost when we leave on the endeavor of that day but when the day ends we will have stories to tell including the one about damn we used that much gas.
  19. It's not going to get any better. I fear for my kids and the world they will have to live in 50 years from now.

    There are no real answers.

    Anyways..wasn't this thread about fish limits??? Sorry!!! LOL