New fish finder/gps question

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  1. I am in the market for a new color fish finder/gps combo. I like the color screens and would like to have one that takes the map upgrade chips. But I am not rich and am looking for best bang for the buck deal. Any suggestions, or point me to some deals would be great. I am open to any options. I really liked the lowrance stuff when i went to gander mountain today.
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    My two units are not color, but they're both Lowrance and the settings/options they offer are great. Go to their website and download the exact fish finder you're thinking about getting.
    You can download the manuals and the actual finder and play around with it on your computer.

    Go HERE for the Product Emulators. Manuals are in the downloads section.

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    I currently own a LMS332C. What ever unit you purchase expect to pay some money for it. I would stick with the color if I was you. The Lowrance emulators are awesome.
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    I agree with Toxic - Go with the color unit, it makes a huge difference. I have a Lowrance LMS 334iGPS and love it. I use the Navionics map chip, and the detail is very good.
    Lowrance no longer makes the 330 series, it was replaced by the 520 series but it is pretty much the same.
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