New EPA test Cuyahoga River

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    Cuyhoaga River is now cleanest since thse Civil War according to the study

    "The news about the river now meeting the goal of being ''fishable'' was not surprising to Ray Flasco, a 57-year-old angler from Akron.

    Last weekend, he caught a 26-inch rainbow trout and four smallmouth bass (10 to 12 inches in length) on the Cuyahoga River in North Akron."

    Is this anyone from here? I was suprised to see a steel head in north Akron section of river.
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    well this makes me feel better about biting the line off of my hooks now LOL.. THe way i see it the fall run trout in the rivers are strays from pennsylvania anyhow (i think) so they are just as likely to stray into the hoga as any of the other rivers. DOes this sound reasonable>??????

  3. Some days you can watch them trying to jump the dam up Brecksville way. A good number of fish find the Hoga.

    Wish they would knock that dam down and start stocking the Hoga around Cuyahoga Falls. Would be a great addition to the national forest area.

    Reading the article, it makes ya wonder if removal of the dam at rte 91 (Munroe Falls) has contributed to these improved quality reports?

  4. I have heard that the state won't stock the 'hoga with steelies due to the reduced oxygen levels in the lower level of the river. I would love to see them stock there since:

    The 'hoga has more public access of all other stocked tribs, combined.

    National park restrictions make a portion of the river close to an artificials only fishery (no spawn/minnows).

    A lack of close parking provides unmolested water for those who decide to hike or paddle to these areas (unlike the rocky where a parking lot is normally close).

    There are tribs to the cuyahoga that have a good chance of supporting some natural reproduction.

    Would be nice to remove the '82' dam or at least provide an easy way around it. Since the Conneaut seems to have more land posted every year and less public access, the state should move some or all of the stocking from there to the 'hoga.

    Now if they can clean up the CSOs and the poop plant north of Akron...
  5. paintEd and I went there the day they were shocking. Man, they were pulling smallies right out of the hole we were trying to fish. They had a good amount in their basket. The netter couldn't keep up with all the fish shocked to the surface.
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    I thought the exact same thing, Bobinstow. Especially since the EPA folks were so surprised at how there was no "plateau" of improvement since 2000. They found the water quality and fish population dramatically improved in just the last few years - the same time in which the dams in Kent and Munroe Falls were taken down.

    For those on this board who wondered if those removals would improve or destroy the 'Hoga fishery - I say there is at least anecdotal evidence that taking those dams down has greatly improved the river.