New Dick's Coupon good through 1/31/09

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by mturack, May 21, 2008.

  1. Thanks. I hope this works, I was going to use the last coupon on Monday but I had to cut the grass and missed out. I'll try it this weekend.

  2. I have already used this coupon it works fine, at least at the central ohio stores.
  3. Is it good for fishing items, I see that it's a coach's discount and was just wondering.
  4. ParmaBass

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    As far as Dicks is concerned, everyone is a coach!! It works for everyone.
  5. Yes it is thats what I used it for.
  6. I can't get this file to open. Can someone who has it, repost it or send it to me.

  7. Sent you a pm.
  8. North Canton wouldnt take it, they said it is a coupon that the store gives out only ,
  9. I used it friday at the Sandusky location... worked like a charm!

  10. This happens everytime a coupon comes out, there is always a couple stores that wont take them, to me if 1 store takes them they all should, I have used them at 3 central Ohio stores, sometimes as many as 4 a visit and its never been a issue.
  11. Used at Highland Hts store (NE Ohio) today with no problem. Thanks mturack!
  12. have used 2 at the dayton mall location with no problem. put it with the ten dollars off for apllying for the dicks credit card (which i knew i had a snowballs chance in hell of getting approved) and thats a hell of a deal. also all berkely fishing equip. is 20% off.:)
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    They're copies and they won't honor them. They know about slickdeals and will turn you away.

  14. DaleM

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    They work well here in Columbus. I have used 4 of them and will use 2 more tomorrow.
    Ask for the manager and he or she should honor it. If not e-mail dicks and complain. I did that a few years ago and they sent me another $10.00 off. They have to honor them as Coaches coupons are only available on line. At least that's what they told me here in Columbus. Maybe they are a different breed down your way!:D
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    go back because I have used them at montgomery bridgewater in the last week. Gave 3 to my buddies we went through the line so used 4 in a row at montgomery. I usuall try to look for the new cashiers they just scan them because they are scared to screw up.
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    I used another at the highland heights store yesterday. Gulp was on sale, got four bags and replaced a #20 jet. Final cost: 15.50. Just can't beat it!
  17. works at parmatown dicks....
  18. Yanky

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    denied at north olmstead dicks. i ended up spending way more than i wanted because they would not take it. manager said it was a printed coupon without perforations from being torn out of a book and it was on the wrong kind of paper. she said they only take the coupons out of their coupon books. it really left me fuming. im gonna do the email dicks thing and see what they say about it.

    my guess is that you have to find a younger kid who doesnt care so much about what the coupon looks like since the coupon does say "no copies accepted" but still, you would think that a coupon is a coupon. take it and make me happy so i come back. jeez. my local gander mountain is looking more and more appealing now after this.
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    ...earlier today at Dick's.