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  1. any report at the dam want to go down and try for some eyes any thing will help
  2. River is running around 19 feet and muddy. With all the percipitation in the forecast - I'd give it several days before making the trip. Check river stages and give the New Cumberland lockmaster a call to make sure that the first gate on the WV side is not open when you plan to come down. I usually fish this area from a boat and won't bother with it if the river level is much above 17 feet.

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    what are you doing in my neck of the woods ????
    Give me a PM,. Im in the Ohio valley 20 minutes from New Cum
    there working on the wheeling tunnels but ill take you down 7 towards Powhatten Point to some good fishing..
    PM me
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    When are you planning on going? By the weekend, it'll have warmed up, the water will go down and the fish will be on fire. I'll be there 2 of 3 days this weekend. I'll be fishing the wall as always. It should be a good weekend!! If interested, check a few posts back and you'll see what has worked best.
    Agent 47, if I'm reading correctly you're a good ways north of Pike Island. I take it you're talking the Ohio, right? Are ya talking walleye and sauger/saugeye too? Hmmm, sounds good!
    Oh, after posting this, I reread your post about Pow.Pt. That's a good little ways down the road, isn't it? Still the Ohio R?
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    It's about a 45 minute trip from my place to Pow Point, I can go further down to clairmont and fish the bridge at the inlet.
    I run it every week at work for the unit trains {coal} and the average times to the Mine is about 45 to 47 minutes along side the river.
    Occasionally {when I can get away with it LOL} I stop at the damn and throw a lure.